I need a really good v-brake for rear

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by esfrost, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. esfrost

    esfrost New Member

    Hello everybody! I think i will buy a new v-brake very soon and i'd like to ask ur advice which one to buy. I need a very strong v-brake for the rear. Thanks in advance
  2. afrobot

    afrobot Aluminum is for recycling

    Cane creek direct curve ,or any avid. Obviosly nothing with linkages.

  3. Shipley

    Shipley ..........

    Good old Shimano DX. Dirt cheap, fat stiff arms with no linkage, square strong return spring, blinding red color.
    They are Shimano though.. and everyone loves to hate Shimano.
    Used em for a while a little bit back with stock pads on an unground rim.. man did they lock. With Spanish Fly's they're sick. :joshers:
  4. B1105

    B1105 New Member

    Try an Avid SD 5, 7 or Ti. All good and reliable and light.
  5. Elan

    Elan steve french

    i recommend none of the afore mentrioned parts.

    i rode v brakes for a long time, i rode an avid ultiamte set up, the best ever. but really expensive.

    first, there are only three choices for the lever as far as i can see.

    Avid Ultimate: EXPENSIVE, but AWESOME
    Shimano XTR: i know they work very well, and are the most popular lever in trials for v brakes or mechanical discs
    shimano XT: they are a cheaper, less quality version of the XTR. they work nice, but dont last a real long time

    second, good cables are mandatory. you should run full housing all the way to your brake from the lever too.

    Shimano XTR: $18 for a set, smooth, long lasting
    anything else: basically hype or a waste of money IMO. your generic brand cables that bike shops use in mass are decent, but i would replace them ASAP with XTR.

    the brake caliper is probably the least important part of the brake, it doesnt make sense, but you will find out its true. here are some choices

    Avid Ultimate: like the lever, just pure awesomeness. they are the most solid brake caliper out there, they require 0 maintenance.

    avid SD 7 Ti/mag/etc...: HYPE, get the regular avid SD-7. it costs like half as much as the otehrs, but it is the SAME EXACT thing other than the mounting hardware, which makes 0 difference for trials anyways.

    avid sd-5/3: waste of money

    Shimano XTR/XT/LX- avid arch rival: parallel linkage is the worst idea ever for a trials rider. too much stress on those weak littler parts= tons of slop.

    shimano deore v: works, cheap

    pads are of course, very important too.

    Kool stop Thinline "salmon" pads: a multitude of people use these cheap ($10) yet very effective pads. i used them with a medium grind and had no troubles what so ever

    plazmatic CRV/ spanish fly pads: i ahve never tried them, but i feel they are over priced and unecessary.

    i wont say anything about paul's brake stuff, because i have never ridden anything by them
  6. B1105

    B1105 New Member

    I would definitley recomend the Kool Stops pads with a nice grind. I ground my rims for the first time tonight, and shit!, what a difference!

    In addition, XTR housing is nice and stiff which gives your brakes SOO much more power and leverage.

    Elan is right that the Avid Ti brakes are HYPE, but find some used like me and pay less than the cost of a single brake (i got mine for 40/pair).

    Good Luck!

  7. Tanner

    Tanner Well-Known Member

    The spanish fly pads with even a LIGHT grind lockup like pie. Because pie locks up
  8. Elan

    Elan steve french

    sounds good. i had the spanish fly on my maguras then i went to the crm...i think teh spanish flys worked better.
  9. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound Steffen L.T.

    caliper dont matter my ass, my tektro vees flex sooooo much, like a cm at each arm! Calipers have been discussed accurately above.

    Housing all the way to the brake!?!?!? really....I thought it was the opposite, but I'll try it. Can anybody second this?

    Lever... its simple: Avid ultimate if you have the $bling$, Avid SD7 if you dont. The XTR is good but SD7 is better price considered.

    Front brake, dont even worry about that, thetrialsinshop.com is selling avid mech disc's for $130 CAD!
  10. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    :werd: listen to this guy, he's been running vees for a while.
  11. Elan

    Elan steve french

    calipers dont really matter, unless you buy WALMART SHIT like tektros. im sorry, i forgot to mention that... i emant to say: any decent caliper will work. i.e. it is worth more than $10.

    full housing is the ONLY way to go, you elimnate all of those nasty junctions that are prone to unwinding, splitting, compressing, and about a million other things. and it stays clean.

    shmano XT lever is like $5 cheaper than the SD7 lever or somthing like that, and it is WAY better. nobody can argue that.

    i do agree with you on the discs though, if you have the the proper set-up for discs, the avid mech disc is awesome, and you dont need anything different, jsut dont buy a v brake for the front.
  12. RideManuals

    RideManuals Guest

    yeah xtr lever over sd7 lever and sd7 lever over a XT. although my sd7 feels good to people who hop onto my bike I can tell that it got mushy. There's this little part I keep breaking, it's like a bushing or something(?). Spanish fly's don't cost that much like $15 which is like $5 dollars more and it is WAY better, just keep you rim clean or sand it or a light grind. I haven't tried the xtr housing but my gore cableset isn't bad and is RED!
  13. Cole

    Cole New Member

    :werd: to Elan, good advice.
  14. Justr1ght

    Justr1ght Guest

    Thanx man this was a much needed topic for me...
    I have officly learned alot...
  15. RomanC

    RomanC Well-Known Member

    I personally disagree with Elan on a few points. You don't have to run a full length housing or have it be an expensive one. On the BT i am running regular bike shop housing with regular cables. The trick is to take heavy dute grease and lube the cables with them. Then the return/take up will be just superb. What I found makes the most difference, is how the cable at the noodle is setup. The straighter the cable towards the noodle the less flex there will be in the cable, resulting in a firmer feel. Also Shimano DX kicks ass.
  16. Elan

    Elan steve french

    havin a straigh junction at the noodle is crucial, yes.

    full housing is just better because you have to pay attention to less crap, and it still works the same as a perfectly set up brake that uses the frame's cable stops.

    i rode the regular 'bike shop; cable for a long time, and then i got the XTR, for $18 i would never go back to regular cables.

    different strokes for different folks
  17. TTownJon

    TTownJon New Member

    What is the key difference between the SD3 and the SD7?

    will an SD3 work well on the front?

  18. Elan

    Elan steve french

    the sd7 is built better and in my opinion has a better feel. you can adjust the sd7, so i think that is worth the few extra $

    it probably will work ok on the front if yo uhave everything sety up properly.
  19. el feo

    el feo Guest

    the sd3 is flexy poop i have one on the rear right now and my fame barely flexes because the calipers do so much. fine for the front though.
  20. Stock

    Stock Tumescent.

    Why is it more desirable to have a disc brake in the front than a v-brake?