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    Ok well I have been working at this machine shop for a few weeks now and I decided its time to get some new pedals so I thought if I just got some strips of metal then I could make my own cages and just keep the spindle. So when I asked if I could have two strips of metal one of my co-workers said that he could just make me a new cage. So here is the result:


    Not that he will ever see this or that it matters but a big thanks to Jr. for making these for free. They are made out of 504 stainless so I doubt Ill break them.


    Here are the old pedals. Broke the right one doing hooks ups some how...and i ride left foot forward...


    My finished custom VP's. I took out the inside cage, it makes a big difference, lots more grip and probably lots more hurt if it smacks my shins but oh well.


    Oh ya had to post this got it today...can't use it till I get new frame though:wtc:

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    That's pretty cool...I always wanted to do metal work...maybe I'm watching too much of the American Chopper :p