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I know this isn't colarado but...(help - info needed)

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I may be moving from the uk to America soon, and i was wondering if anyone knew of any trials riders around the new england kinda region(think thats where im going, or marlbrough or something).

As i really want some people to ride with. (for obvious reasons)


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Which state in New England? you mention Marlbrough, you talking about the one in Massachusetts? I live 30minutes or so from Marlbrough Massachusetts, and there are also a few other riders such as dan bowhers in the area.... but i dont know if you mean the marlbrough in massachusetts or not because im fairly sure there are others in the new england region...

Ah, yeh, the one in massachusetts. Im not definatley going yet, but if i do i want some people to ride with...

Is there any good natural stuff around that area? Or is it mainly street?

Cheers dude...
i honestly dont know marlbrough (also spelled marlboro sometimes, kinda weird), with in 30-40minutes driving there is some decent stuff for sure. Its a good sized town so there is some decent street stuff i imagine. Its prolly under a 45minute drive to boston which has some really decent street riding. there is also a indoor skatepark in shrewsbury which is a town or two over from marlboro... i have never really riden up the marlboro area other than the skatepark. There are some riders in the area for sure, but by area i mean an hours drive. I usually am in southern connecticut for college (luckly i live under 2 miles from tim finn a pro, and 5 miles or so from mike steidly another pro), so i only am in massachusetts for half of the year really...

list of riders from biketrials.com for massachusetts:

-Mike U.
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I live two towns over from Marlbrough in Wayland. In addition to me there are two pro uni trials riders in my town. I am an expert class mod/stock/street rider. However, I am too at college most of the year (In Worcester MA, pretty big city about 20-30 minutes from Marlbrough) we will definately ride if you live that close to me...
Ah cool! I only been riding about a year or so, so im not amazing or anything.

But yeh, the more the merrier!
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