I just almost burned down my house...

Discussion in 'The Gutter' started by Pancho, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Pancho

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    holy shit I must be the dumbest fucking kid ever...

    I was stir-frying dinner a couple minutes ago, and I accidentally spilled a cup of water into the hot oil... OMG the flames were HUGE, I had no idea what to do, i was shiting my pants. Hot oil was splattering everywhere, not to mention the flames were licking the 11 foot ceilings. So I grab the wok and I just freak out, waving it about like the idiot that I am... about 10 seconds later the flames were out. I've got little burns all over my left arm from the oil, and the walls and ceiling are blackened. DAMN....

    I'm still shaking...

    I'm going to get pictures with the digital camera tomorrow of the walls in my kitchen.

    I think my IQ is getting lower and lower every day.
  2. AndyT

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    ahah ok im drunk but i just started laughing the fuck ont eh ground

    poncha your house is sweet except for the spiders, don't burn it!

  3. Elan

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    haha to that
  4. Little Android Man

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    ive done something close to the same..me and my friend were melting crayons to make skate wax a few years back. we toook the paper off all the crayons, made sure they were all clean, put them in a can, and began to cook the crayons on the stove. all was going well until the can cought on fire (we didnt remove the paper on it...) and then the wax followed suite, so my friend grabbed the nearest liquid he could, which happened to be a bowl of cereal milk, half cured, and dumped it onto the can. Well it didnt work, as the fire instantly grew and actually hit the ceiling. It was pretty cool actually as it loked like a mushroom cloud. So the can went out, and its suprising how much melted wax burns. We had a blackened ceiling, and what seemed liek a gallon of wax on the ceiling, fridge, curtains, cupboards, floor, us, windows, walls, stove, and some actually went across the room and onto that wall, and my dog. So thats my experience. well one of them..im suprised my house is still standing to tell you the truth. I doubt ill live anywhere for long periods of time.
  5. baltimore

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    and yet he has the time to post his stupidity on the internet! you go fucktard!