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I Have A Silver Member

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Hahahaha, i see that according to the ranking on the forum, i have a "silver member" right now- funny stuff. elan, as a beavis and butthead conensieur (SP?) you should appreciate the humor in the word 'member'.

anyways, dumb post but it finally struck me as funny....
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:rofl: and nice avatar too :ugh2: :rofl:
Bill what do i have to do to be a Black member. :nono:
afrobot said:
Bill what do i have to do to be a Black member. :nono:
You just have to ask, you're now our one and only Black Member
I am truly honored and well endowed. Thankyou! If I could get a new sticker kit for my Koxx ,I'd paint it and call it the big black. :yum:.Hey when will the T-shirts be available?
haha, I just said I was thinking about making T-shirts. I haven't even begun working on a design or anything, but I guess if people show interest I could start work on it.
Oh shit, I totally fucked that girl in kevins av... no kidding.
What color member did you use? I'm pretty sure I know what her songs sound like .Have you ever heard "the kids from Whitney High" They are a choral group of retarded kids that sing really funny songs.They toured with Mr.Bungle for a while .They too make retarded music.
i love goooooooollllld. i'm from holland isn't that vierd?

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may i be the pink member? please? and rather than member, may i be ninja.. pink ninja.
Only if your posts in Observed Trials Discussion and our other trials forums start making sense
you got it cap'n ahab.
hell_boy said:
i love goooooooollllld. i'm from holland isn't that vierd?

Everything is going to be in hollish
You can't even spell it right :p

I wouldn't care if it were just in off topic, but I am trying to keep the trials forums as clean so possible, so no.
its spelt douche, if you go to webster.com, look up the word and click the "pronounce" button, its soooooo funny
holy snap you have too much time on your hands :D
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