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Hydro or Mechanical front disc?

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Which is more desirable? Mechanical or Hydro for a front disc? I know about all the cable stretch, blah, blah, but which would you get for trials? I have a couple in mind as I DON'T want to break the bank.

Magura Julie
Magura Luoise (worth the difference?)
Hope Mini


I dunno yet how much "modulation" is needed on the front wheel, as I only needed the modulation when freeriding to stoppie over a distance. Otherwise, I always prefered the "on/off switch"......Also, Don't the Maguras come pre-bled from the factory? Might be an incentive for me.

Which should I get? Does it really matter?
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All I know is that maggie disks WILL leak.

I also know that the Avid Juicy should be super duper sick.

Oh, and I also also know that Avid Mechanicals are very hard to beat.
Don't all the Maggies come with a 5-year leak-proof warranty or something?

Avids are looking pretty tasty....CHEAP too.....
ya they come with a warranty, but you still have to send them in to be warrantied. Thus time without a brake. I recommend the avid mechanical. Cheap and works great.
Yeah...that's the key words, cheap and work, LOL. Do levers really matter for those? Say Deore Levers?
oicdn said:
Yeah...that's the key words, cheap and work, LOL. Do levers really matter for those? Say Deore Levers?
Yes they do! Levers and cables are the most important part. XT/XTR should be good enough for lever but XTR cables are the only way...
Gotcha. So I guess an Avid 205MM front is the way to go? Hmm...can't seem to find those levers at a decent price, LOL. How about Avid SD Ti levers? Or just the SD levers?
Jensonusa.com has XTR for 60 which includes cables. I'll keep looking around for you. About the avids- some people don't mind them but the over all concensus was there the shape of shimano was much better.

EDIT- Pricepoint.com has XT for 40 but that doesn't have xtr cables..
you dont need xtr cables. normal stuff works fine if you replace it a little more often. the levers do count as people have said. deore levers will feel like pooop. get xt's they will work great. get the 185 or 203 rotor kit with your mechanical and you will be happy with good brake action.

every maggie in the world is going to leak. just because it says they are warrantied doesnt mean they wont vommit oil all over your rotor and pads and totally ruin your day.
i had deore levers and hayes mechanical discs on my freeride bike and hated them. now i have avid ultimate levers and the same brakes and i love them, im not saying to go with the hayes over the avids, (i think the avids are more adjustable) but definately go for a good set of levers.
and by good set of levers. you have to not feel compelled to spend $150 on them...XT levers are nice, XTR levers are money, and are available for $40 on Ebay
Go for the deore disk i am running it and love it and for that cheap be real and i believe they are still post mount which makes adjusting a snap so there are no washers and shit just buy the correct adapter and you are set.
boo-urns. the avid mechanical is the shizz. deore disk is nice but for trials the avid ball bearing is less to worry about.
Avid Ultimate Levers overkill? LOL. Saw them just go on eBay new for $60....

Eh, waiting on a reply from some used levers and brakes....if sold, I'm just gonna go buy them new...
I almost went with Ultimate but even price aside most people said they liked XTR more. Remember XTR come with the best cables. I had the avid flak Jacket cables (ran as full cable housing) on my front disc then I changed to xtr and the difference was AMAZING. XTR was soo much better.
i have avid ultiamate levers, i think they are the bomb-dizzle...but they cost
Intresting...what makes XTR cable so much better than the others?
zero flex/compression
My XTR flex a little (about the same amount as the flak jacket did) but the xtr feels soo smooth. It feels as easy to pull the brake as hydro.
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