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I know a lot of sites have a how-to manual but I would really enjoy one that had video clips of the exact move to go with it. Also if the clips could be in real-time AND one that is slowed down quite a lot. I myself am a very visual learner and if I see it done I get it down a lot faster. This could take a long time to put together so if you need help give me a shout at [email protected], P.S. this is a great site Bill.
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:werd: Tyler

I have been planning exactly what you speak of for about the past two weeks. I just need to get out and film some stuff.
:bigthumb: let me know if you need someone to film
what what?!? you have the best manualer there in boulder.. use him.. he is the best. and friendly, which is good
haha, not "Theo the manualer", but how-to manuals, like how to pedal kick, how to trackstand, how to up 3ft to rear after 8 months of riding (yeah, I've heard about you Elan... that's impressive), etc. But I think you knew that already and are just being a jackass :D.

yes... how-to manuals..literature on tirals? i like to think of it as a word of mouth tradition, that makes it more intimate.
Not to dredge up an older subject, but I've been compiling notes, how-to's from online, and my own experiences.

Although I'm new to trials, I'm not new to learning an mastering a sport. So, I've been comparing things that work and don't work with my new sport I'm trying to master (or at least accomplish).

So, recently I've come up with exercises for the 'newbies', things that I've learned that have started me on my way to trials mastery. Since I'm new, I would like to work with the better trials riders to create something that works for everyone. Use me as a subject, if you wish... I'm still learning.

African American Pirate
ascentrek where in golden are you? im down there ALL the time except week days
ty said:
ascentrek where in golden are you? im down there ALL the time except week days
I live in Mountain Ridge Village.. or some crap suburban name. I'm in the neighborhood across the street (hwy 93) from the Loaf n jug.

Lets hook up, if ya wanna
Manualling is easily one of the coolest tricks in biking. Adding trials to the equation only makes things better. I for one would love to see some manualling action along with an article.
manualing is fooken hard :( but i'd like to learn
I don't know if this is legal on the forum, but because some people there recommended this site to me, I'll recommend www.trials-online.com to you, it shows the basics on video in addition to instructions. They're in quicktime so you can view them frame by frame.
Well, my roomate finally fixed his DV camera, so I'm hoping to start on this pretty soon.
well if it's going down (i hope it will) make sure they have good discription. unfortunately most sites explanation for...say... a basic pedal kick is, "do a stoppie, rock back to rear tire, simaltaneusly let go of brake, pedal, and hop, grab brake, and then roll away!" something giving tips like, "one thing that works well to practice is: endo, rock back, then do a wheelie and grab back brack" or whatever (that's vague)
I'll make sure they have good descriptions.

and by pretty soon I mean within a month. My school schedule this semester is wicked, so I really don't know yet quite how busy I'm going to be, but may not have much time for the site. It won't be neglected, but new things may not be added quite as in-depth as they used to. Formatting a pictures page with descriptions takes quite a long time, this is the kind of thing that will not happen quite as much over the next 4-5 months.

As an idea for the manual it would be nice to have a profile, front, and back video shot of the same move and also make sure it is in a format that can be played in slow-mo so that anyone trying to learn can see everything that is happening. The detail of the video clips would also elimanate a lot of debate on how vague the descripiton is. Just some ideas, if you ever need help filming or anything like that just give me a holla.
somebody who made one of those could make some bank..or not.
People could save up for Tricks and Stunts like I did and order it...but online tutorials would be awesome still, I know I watched a lot of film to figure out how to bunnyhop well.

But literally how to manual, yeah, still escapes me too, maybe on the new bike...
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