How often do yall get to ride?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Hardline, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Hardline

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    Maybe how many times a week do yall get to ride? Is trials riding the only hobbys for you? Reason I ask is I seem to not get to ride very much. I think trials is something that take lots of hours on the bike. I get to ride maybe twice a week at the most. I also try to fit in rock crawling an off road buggy, and racing Dwarf cars on Saturday nights. Then there is the family thing,married and a 3 1/2 year old. I just do not know if there are enough hours in the day. I would like to get better but it seems to be taking for ever to get any skills. Thanks JJ
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  3. Elan

    Elan steve french

    63 the winter, hell_boy is right. in the summer? who knows? 5hrs a day everyday sounds good to me.
  4. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    Trials isn't even a hobby for me.

    Every day, the more you ride the better you'll be...sleep/rest/eating is very important if you want to keep your body able to ride this much. However no one can ride all the time, breaks are necessary and keep you fresh.
  5. BrettM

    BrettM New Member

    Once every week or two. Gotta be on the weekend.
  6. BiKe4EvEr

    BiKe4EvEr Guest

    every day, even in the winter. i get out of school early and ride at least a few hours until it gets dark.
    in the summer i get up at around 10 and ride all day till dark (9 00 at the latest), but it's important to take food breaks and drink breaks whilst on a long ride, otherwise you'll feel like shit and ride like poo
  7. ty

    ty Guest

    i ride nearly everyweek day, its a nice break from going to class and studying. The weekends are almost always girlfriend time, i ride for about an hour or 2 a day if im lucky
  8. Sirus

    Sirus Guest

    group ride ever weekend or 2.. after school for a 1/2 or so twice a week

    bmx 1 or 2 nights a week
    yak on the weekend in the summer...
    go snowboardin on the weekends once a month (winter)
    thats pretty much my life... oh yeah and squish my GirlFriend in there somewhere
  9. ascentrek

    ascentrek Original power yuppie

    Funny you ask. I"ve ridden 5 times in the past week. That includes 1 trail ride. 3 of those were somewhat of a group ride.

    Here in Denver, there's always time to ride. I put in 2.5 hours with another member of this group (MorryJG) just today (35 degrees out). the way I see it, if there's 15 minutes before dinner is on, I'm on my ride 10 minutes.

    I ride every chance I get, period. This week, I see myself riding 3 or 4 good sessions that are at least 1 hour long. I'll have prolly 2 more sessions less than 15 minutes.

    Denver really has good weather. Even if its cold, as long as the wind doesn't blow you'll be sweating your arse off.
  10. Hardline

    Hardline Member

    Yea the weather is definatly not an excuse here in N Texas. It was 63 degrees with a little shower this mourning but then turned out really nice.

    I think I just have too many things going on to be able to concentrate to any of them the commitment that it takes to accel in any one. When I was younger I could just do one thing and do it well. I used to race bmx,and won the 14x state championship. Went into Mickey Thompson off road racing and won two track championsips back to back in two different classes. Then raced Winged 600 Sprint cars and did well at that. Now not so. Still trying to ride the off road cars, race dirt track on saturday nights and now learn trials.But then again I was not married with a child back then either.Not complaining just trying to get my expectations in order.

    Trials is probably the most self rewarding. In the off road and racing biss you can out class your competition with lots of money.(BTW that is not how I was succsesful at racing) But in trials it is more laughable when you see a guy with a top shelf bike and can not do squat with it. You can have all the best parts but if you do not put in the time you will be a laughing stock.
  11. Pancho

    Pancho Member

    5 or 6 days per week on good weeks, more often 4 or 5 days per week. To be honest I burnt myself out this last week, so I'm taking an entire week off. (actually, I have to to get my frame powder coated, but I needed the break)
  12. pav

    pav New Member

    gotta love still being in school!

    every day of the week, monday, wednesday and friday from 3:30 till 6, tuesday thrusday from 5 till 6 and saturday and sunday all day!

  13. stocktrials

    stocktrials Mitch.

    2-3 weekdays I try to ride 1-2 hours, weekends I try to get out at least once to ride with others. Weather permitting in all cases of course, but here it's usually ok even in winter.. rain can't be helped though. Autumn, spring n summer are good

    Besides going out, drinking and sleeping I don't really have any other major hobbies lol. At one stage I was really really into skating and trials.. found it hard to find enough time to dedicate to both. Suffice to say, one had to prevail. The rest, they say, is history.
  14. oicdn

    oicdn Guest

    LOL, I posted this question on another thread, well sorda. I try to ride everyday. SOmetimes I'll ride for like 1 - 1.5 hours, go inside, rest,w atch some TV, then go back out and ride for like another 1 - 1.5 hours....

    Those kinda days, the day after I'm SORE AS HELL. Wonder if I should alternate, ride a day, skip one. Cause I find my balance is better after I skip a day....I figure I'm just sore cause my body isn't QUITE used to it yet...but who knows....
  15. DangerousDave

    DangerousDave Active Member

    once a week on the weekends usually. maybe twice a week. ride 6 months of the year...yea -20 celcius!
  16. Sonic

    Sonic Plaid, I have not gone.

    I ride everyday. At least for 30 minutes on my busy days. On those days I keep the bike in the back of my car and practice small surges to curbs in the parking lot between classes.
  17. oicdn

    oicdn Guest

    ^^Damn....dedicated, LOL!
  18. vince

    vince Member

    From May to October..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :down:
  19. Coramoor

    Coramoor New Member

    I've seen your vid and your riding is fucking impressive. Did you use to ride more often or so? I fail to see how you could have gotten that good from so little riding. Maybe you have a big talent.

    I ride everyday. How long varies between half an hour to 2 hours.
  20. oicdn

    oicdn Guest

    It's the Megamo he's riding :D