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How does TRA do it?

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We see all of these massive sidehops and zap-taps coming from that guy. What kind of training routines have you implemented to help improve your riding? Do you just ride, or do you go beyond that?
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In one of his vids there is a short clip showing him jumping up and down with weights on hos shoulders. I guess thats how his legs are so powerfull. He can 2 legged jump from a stan-still like 6.5 feet! There has got to be some sort of record for that type of jump. I am sure he could beat it.
Its called plyometrics.


it's just huge amounts of plyometric training. he has a ton of power at his disposal in his legs from doing plyo's. i dont do enough plyo stuff to really make a difference but i know it can be an imediate boost to your stength. for example try doing 10 static hops on your bike as high as you can and as fast as you can when warming up. do that for a week and i bet you will be a more explosive rider. it helps to have good form but once you have that, strength becomes the leading factor. marco hosel has rediculous power. if you think tra is unique, think again. a ton of the euro riders are as strong if not stronger than him. marco will pull a 10 foot pedal kick with out a grunt. thats about the 3 meter stuff tra does. while he is certainly a good rider he is just a small fish in a big pond in europe when it comes to explosive riders. i guess more people recognize him though because of the web movies.

You are right on the money about the euro riders. They just don't have the internet exposure that TRA has, they have rainbow colored jerseys instead. Marco can easily hang with the big moves, and he does them first try, and he does them under competition pressure. Not taking anything away from TRA, but there are some boys out there in the trials world.
Anyone heard of a certian Spaniard by the name of Benito Ros?


holy shit genetics......hosel and TRAAAAA are beastly dudes. Those dudes are trials specimans. I could do plyometrics till my stick legs fell off and I still couldn't TRAAAA it up. Got I hate my mediocre genes. Why couldn't my parents be atheletes instead of.......ummm...nonatheletes? I bet hosel's mom has a bigger adams apple than any of us.
Does anyone know any good plyometric workouts to be more powerful on the bike? :joshers:
Would all depend on what moves you'd be trying, generally though any leg based plyometric trainning will help a bit im sure. Heres a good site with some plyometric faqs and a few trainning things you could do... http://www.weightsnet.com/Docs/plyometrics.html#what

actually that was the first time he had tried plyo (no i'm not his stalker, my freind is though), so it cant be that. it must be the tight pants and foot trials.

but foot trials must definately help at least with baliling.
that's amazing that he hasnt done plyo's before. i guess he must just be a crazily strong mofo :eek3:
Yeeeeeeah, you'd think someone would say to him before the left to ride "Uhh, dude, change your pants, they're too tight."
Or, head over to the trials-online forum and check out our training section
Tanner said:
Or, head over to the trials-online forum and check out our training section

I'd prefer to get advice from people who can actually ride.
haha, i remember the days of that forum, it used to be so helpful, and some people were full of sooo much shit. ooh and those vids from trials-online. i never new real trials vids existed, and i watched a dude pedal kicking along a footpath over and over again, it was so exiting.
And then it had those tutorials that made us call pedal ups jap slaps, untill we realised what a :greddy: name it was so we stopped using it.
but nah that site brings back memories.
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