How did you break in your King?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by oicdn, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. oicdn

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    Just curious. I bought my King from a XC guy who used it on two light and long races, so it was pretty much broken in(he thought it was too noisy). How do I go about breakin in my new one? I know "taking it easy", but in a trials point of view, WTF is taking it easy? Could I just put it in the stand and coast it for a couple hours? Also, concerning this breaking in, all I will need to do is just keep tightening the cones as they keep coming loose right? The manual is pretty vague "recheck after 5-10 miles", "keep an eye on it for the 1st 60 hours"....
  2. Cryo-Cube

    Cryo-Cube -----------

    jesus chris, just ride the damn thing without doing hyper power pedalkicks or high gaps that could kill you if it skips.

  3. Chris

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    yea check the cones from time to time. At the beginning they come loose several times, but after a while they're ok and you don't have to tighten them all the time.
    As for the breaking in, I rolled down a street several times without pedaling. But you can also pedal backwards. The longer you do that breaking in, the better it is for your hub. Of course you can also lift the rear wheel and pedal by hand and let the wheel coast..
    But be sure to remove the grease that has been in the hub before. The stuff ChrisKing uses is a bit thick and it's likely to cause more skips. So get some WD40 or whatever instead.
  4. xxxfr


    i built my wheels, went out side and started pedal kicking.....

    about every hour of riding i checked my cones and tightened them if needed....
  5. B1105

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    Just ride it lightly, don't do big fucking gaps and like power moves. How hard is that to understand
  6. AndyT

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    My two kings run for trials:

    #1, only ridden on the road, pedaling- no trials for the first week....BABIED it to death. The hub skipped every ride, sent it to king, still skipped every ride. Sold it to some kid for bank.

    #2. Beaten to shit from day one, never skipped on me.
  7. sharpe

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    i've had my king for less than one week and i'm pretty much just riding it how i usually ride, but making sure i ride to and from riding places and not by public transport or car so that it can freewheel a bit. usually ride for about 3-4 hours and do about 5-10km of normal riding in between.
    no skips so far.