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HOPE Mono Mini Brake and HOPE Mini Brake

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Who can tell me what is the difference between the Hope Mono Mini caliper and Hope Mini calpier is ?

Is it a more solid calpier?

More feel in the lever?
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the mono is a one piece body with ti-nitrate coated pistons. the mini is a two piece body with regular pistons. the the new mono line of brakes are very nice quality goods. they will feel stiffer because of the one pice caliper design.
All I know is the mini's calipers FLEXED. POS.
is the mono mini more powerful? ill be angry if it is, i just ordered a mini and they both cost the same... :slap:
if it flexes less why wouldnt it be more powerful- its less energy wasted and more applied right?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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