Hockey in the states right now?

Discussion in 'The Gutter' started by BrettM, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. BrettM

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    I sorta got curious aboots this the other night. During the election I was talking with Bill and he was curious just how much Cnds knew aboots what was going on with it. We basically know the same deal as the Americans as we get all the same channels and what not, plus even our local ones will cover it in the news a bit. We don't really get a whole lot of news here in Vic, the retirement capital of Canada.

    So anyways, with the nhl on lock out did hockey just sorta shut down in the US? I don't really care if you don't like it or whatever, I'm just curious whats up.

    Up here they run classics games every night almost. In BC we get a selection of the great Canucks games of years past, Canada cup stuff, and some of the best games ever played re-broadcast. We also get the other pro leagues that normally don't get airtime on tv now.

    I know there are a few cities in the states that are very big on hockey. Just curious if this is going on down there as well???

  2. mhoulmont

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    I haven't seen a lot of hockey at all this year. I would think that on espn classic or even just espn they would play something just so us hockey fans can still watch. Oh well. Hopefully they work things out for next year.


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    they have like semi pro legues throught the u.s. and some of them are getting local channel coverage but other than that half of america doesnt even know that the NHL is shut down