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na i well exept any pretty good trials frames and il give u some money plz get back a.s.a.p cheers
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Are you interested in Planet X Zebdi Mark 4 frame for $300 usd? I got the frame in July but because of cross country running I couldn't ride it at all during October and didn't ride it much at all from August to November. There are a few scratches but no dents. If you interested let me know, I'd love to sell a brisa bar and stem with the frame as well. Just make me an offer on any of the stuff. I have a few pictures of me riding the frame and if you want in a few days I can take some close ups. I’m a sport level rider and haven’t done a drop over 4.5 feet on the frame.
martin....essex is in england, that plus his spelling makes me think he is from england....it would be far too much hassle.
Good call, don't think I will be selling over seas. Offer still stands for others interested though...
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