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Hey Unlearn

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You moved? Out in CO now?
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He's my roomate. You remember me don't you smudge?
I sure do. We had an understanding (I did actually), we communicated clearly and then I understood. As far as I'm concerned, now we're chums.

Unless I'm mistaken, unlearn is a former Providence resident as was a preemtively banned "member" of this forum. I last saw unlearn at Motorama last year at which time he was planning on taking a trip down the eastern coast.

CO seems like a great place...I'm considering moving out there in the somewhat near future if I can find a decent job. Perhaps we can all drink beer and leer at those who are more interested in conversation while using bikes as props rather than actually riding. Besides, there are a distict lack of rocks here in the D.C. area. All the ones i've found recently are big time off limits.

Word...unlearn has never been banned here, he was at that horrible forum with nazi's running it. As was I- 4 times. Its steve. And you're welcome to come on out :)
Awe... that's so cute...

you guys are getting along now :drool:

sup smudger...i likes that shifter mod...send us werd when you heading out here....
hey dudes i'd liike to come out and ride with you too.. can i come????
of course you can B. You're not banned from riding. Are you still in NY? Have you seen that Adam kid from Providence Bicycle lately?
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