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Hey smudge...

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Hey Sean,
I will be in Fredneck area from Wed to Sat. We should try to get together for a natural ride.
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I'm down. I'm assuming you mean for the Turkey weekend. I'll be able to ride on Friday and I found some good stuff back in the Frederick watershed. My number is the same so give me a call when you're in town, it'll be great to see you again.
would be interesting to try the stuff by watershed. Can you email your phone number to [email protected]? I am down for riding on Friday.
The stuff in the watershed has some serious potential. I went back there a little over a week ago and someone has built some serious freeriding trails with some absolutely sick lines that go right down to the road. There is some potential for BIG riding up there, but only after a fair amount of brush has been cleared away and even after that, there are areas where a few huge moves can be done but not much else. Just down the road from a parking area, there is what amounts to a pretty big rocky area that's completely wooded. I haven't walked (or ridden) out there yet, but it looked very promising from the road. Chris Bashaw has expressed an interest in riding out there with us too. And hey, I still have that disc adapter which I will put in my car tonight so it's available to you when I see you on Friday. I haven't forgotten, I suppose I've just been lazy about sending it out. Many apologies and I'm definitely looking forward to riding out there with you (and whoever else has nuts enough to show up.)

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Yeah I will ask Ray if he is up or not. So just email me the directions and the phone number and I shall see you there.
Can you ride on Saturday? It turns out I would have some scheduling difficulties by trying to ride on Friday. I can work it out but I wouldn't be able to ride for very long. If you can ride Saturday let me know and I'll spread the word.

Yeah I should be able to ride on Sat prob starting at noon or so.
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