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Hey Kevin; World vid question

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what was that on the Syntace bike in your video? I thought I had already posted this question somewhere but I can't remember.
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yeah you did in biketrials.com. This was brought up a long time ago , its a fake air pressure gauge.

a LONG time ago :)
Thanks Andrew. That's pretty funny. I totally missed that the first time around I guess so I'll have to go back and find it.
i hear it wasnt fake though. i talked a bit with mister ohler and he said that it was a concept they wanted to pursue. they wouldnt want to stress the tubing by wleding on a whole bunch of crap they wouldnt want. he told me they dropped the idea though as it was just plain impracticle for consumer release.

they had talked of applying the idea to road bikes though where the idea makes much more sense and is much more practicle. road frames are using such thin tubing now in some cases that the internal pressurizing idea might pay off.
That's amazing. There is an original idea (as far as I know). I'd love to know their full theory behind that. I suppose it might prevent the mild denting that the Giant XTC type bikes are experiencing. I'd also love to be around the first time the downtube was gouged so I could hear the pop.

thanks Kevin
he was just blowing hot air up your skirt :)

Its purely a marketing scheme, and it works like a mother fucker...as evident by every time someone sees it they ask and put it into media.
damn. I fell for it then, fully. It even sounded believable if completely impractical and pointless. Still if it was true, I'd love to hear one of those tubes pop on impact.
I was talking about people talking to kevin!! I don't know for sure, just blowing hot air UP ALL OF YOU.
it actualy was a concept syntace was looking into. it was not a joke. in THEORY it could work.

when they ship the fuel tanks for big ass rockets (titans and atlas rockets) they pressurize the inside with an inert gas because the wall thickness is so thin that the tank can dent very easily. they help prevent this by filling it up. it also helps them to make sure it didnt develope any holes in shipping- when it arrives the pressure should be the same as when it was sent out.

not that any of that would practically apply to a bike but it was an idea. ideas sometimes lead to cool stuff... in this case it led to a dead end.
i can't help thinking though that they knew this was bogus from the get go. in the case of shipping rocket fuel, you've got a bit more control and desire for control over the all of the variables in the equation - ie, you make damn sure that you've got something that can put a decent amount of counter pressure against the walls of the tank so your cargo doesn't explode. you don't have some kid with a bicycle pump pumping it up, squeezing the downtube every now and then until it feels inflated enough. it seems like you would need a large amount of pressure in there to get even a minimal effect.
I will include this feature on my new frame.Hydrogen will be used.She will be named Hindenburg.Now all my crashes will be historical disasters.
now THAT ^^^ is funny
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