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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Jos, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Jos

    Jos I'd hit it!

    New member alert!

    I'm Jos (aka Spazzy Jos from BT.ca or Tesseract from PB)
    I ride XC, but i want to make the transition to Trials sometime soon.
    I'm 25 (as of Monday, 13th). I'm Canadian and i live in a crappy town (markham) north of a crappy city (Toronto). But more importantly... i live rather far from good XC trails. Which is why i want to switch to Trials.
    Ummm... I ride a Schwinn Moab 3 and a Klein Mantra Comp.

    I'm the captain/c.e.o/president of the mountain bike club/team at York University and... uhhh

    That's about it.

    I almost bought a monty this past spring, but i thought it over, and thought... they're ugly, and the price kinda sucks for what you get (HS-11's? give me a break!) and so, i put off buying a new bike for awhile.
    Also... my folks would kill me if i got a 3rd rig. It's bad enough that my dad can't park his highlander in the garage because our bikes are in there.

    I've been lurking on OTi for a while, but thought i'd register... but only did because i wanted to download a video.

    So, yeah... I'm more than likely going to be getting myself a Norco Evolve or something similar in the next few months. (hopefully a 2004... cause the 2002/3's were ugly)

    So yeah
    that's my story, and i'm sticking to it.
  2. redworm

    redworm ninja pants!

    I wouldn't worry to much about the bike for now a schwinn moab is fine for beginners, I would worry more about being 25 and still living with your parents:rofl: jk

  3. Elan

    Elan steve french

    cool. do yourself a favor and dont get a norco. i dont know how much they are though. build your own bike, its a lot more cost effective.
  4. Blackstick

    Blackstick Well-Known Member

    Only registered cos you wanted to DL a vid?

  5. JK

    JK New Member

    Get a complete echo or zoo from www.hbtrials.com It's worth the extra money.
  6. goose

    goose New Member


    so there are two trains of though on this. One says upgrade important components like brakes, bars, pedals, tires, maybe rear wheel, and go ride for a few months happy as a clam. Then get a new frame when you've saved up and are sure you wanna take the plunge into full blown trials-dom. The thing is that full on trials bikes tend not to be that great for anything other than trials, where as a streety/trialsy hardtail can be used for LOADs of riding.

  7. epock7

    epock7 Guest

    I'm still in the process of transition. What I did was when I broke my Schwinn Mesa GSX :wuteva: frame, I bought a new XC bike and then bought a small beater frame to make into a trials bike (go Nashbar $30 steelie). I still have my Avid arch rivals, but eventually I want to but a set of HS-33 because they are cheap and I have no disc brake mounts. I still have a trail bike, but maybe if I get good enough, I'll invest in a trials frame and work up from there. We'll see how I progress...:drool:
  8. cogmog

    cogmog Member

    yea go with the zoo...I love mineBut only after you ride tour schwinn for a while. I believe you benefit more from learning on a full size bike and then going to a dedicated trials bike. I love my zoo pitbull....blah blah blah....and get the fuck out of your parents house dude! Chiks dont dig parent dwellers!
  9. Ross

    Ross New Member

    HS-33 arent cheap, and if you dont have dedicated 4 bolt mounts then DO NOT get maguras. Trust me, I made this mistake by getting HS-33 for my zebdi and am now switching to a v brake setup. HS-33 work great on bikes meant for them but are a pain in the ass with the evolution adapters.
  10. Jos

    Jos I'd hit it!

    My schwinn is a 17'', it's a bit too big for doing trials properly. Not to mention, the Avid 2.0's on it are crap. That bike is set up for Assault style commuting.

    I was at BikeExpo today, looking at Norco's 2005 Evolve, the Caisso and Koxx frames and Planet X's tibo and ghost.
    The Evolve... is FUGLY! It's this nasty green colour. The parts and stuff on it are nice... but that colour... jesus!
    The 2004 is a beauty... 2005 is a beast

    I'm thinking of going the mod route... we'll see when the fall bike show happens in Toronto.

    Redworm - i'm still in school... no way in hell i'm going to sacrifice my grades, by going out on my own like that. I like not having to worry about paying rent.
  11. nidoss

    nidoss Guest

    ill 2nd that one, my v-brakes work better without a grind then my hs-33s ever did on my zebdi
  12. epock7

    epock7 Guest

    Hmm... Are there some stickier pads I can get for my avids? The stock rim wrangler pads are OK, but I still slip on some corners, and they SUCK huge balls when they get wet.