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Here's a story kids

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      Once upon a time there was a very, very dumb man. He was stupid - not at all bright. He had a good way with people and so some people thought he wasn’t a moron, but he was, oh my he was. But do you know what? This stupid man had a place in his stupid little head where he wanted oh so much.... to be smart!
      Well Mr. W, as we'll call him, was lucky. He had an accomplished and smart Daddy. And daddy gave Mr. W. all the things he could ever want. First he sent him to all the smart schools including a top Ivy- league university. When Mr. W. finished college he asked himself "Am I smart yet?"; but he knew he wasn't. Instead he realized he was a hard drinking, crack head.
      But when the effects of the smack and hooch momentarily left his brain clear, Mr. W. was sad because he knew he was still dumb as a heaping pile of stink. So he got some money from his Daddy and his Daddy's friends and bought a big league baseball team. "Oooh boy, I'm a baseball team owner" said Mr. W., "Now I'm smart". But he wasn't.
      Next he asked his daddy if he could be a business man and his daddy (who was so nice) said "Sure". So Daddy and his buddies bought some oil derricks for Mr. W. and told him "You go stand in the corner and play with yourself while we make you a successful business man". And that was what he became - but Mr. W knew he was still dumb as a pole in a driving snow storm.
      Then he asked his daddy to be governor of a large state. "Sure" his Daddy said again and he and his buddies got Mr. W elected governor of Texas. Mr. W. looked around him and said to himself "surely now I must be smart?". But even though he was dumber than a fly on a pile of dung, he still realized that he wasn't smart yet.
      "Daddy, daddy, please can I be president of the Untied States?", Mr. W. asked his father. "Why sure, you dumb little rascal" said his dad. And lo and behold Mr. W. was elected president of the most powerful country in the world. And do you know what he decided to do? He decided to make short-sighted laws that only benefited a few very, very rich people and did so at the expense of all the rest of us and the very planet that we live on. Mr. W. was still a dumb, stupid, moronic man. The End
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i hate to break it to you but it's a bit more complicated than that
Ah hike up your skirts and deal with it. If you don't like Bush, join the club goddamnit.
As much as I dislike Bush, all of this is getting pretty old. We all knew how horrid this guy was back in the day when he got elected, but we just had to grin and bear it. How do you think the other half of the country, aka republicans, would feel if Gore or Nader had been elected? This is just democracy, this is the way it is. Get used to it, because there will always be conservatives in power, just as there will always be liberals in power.

I'm fortunate enough to be the son of a politician, so I've grown up around this stuff my whole life....
Thank you Pancho. Someone is sane.
I'm a poly sci major, and you're all ****.
I'm a poly sci major, and you're all ****.
Ah, the years of expensive college education are really paying off.
im in hike skool :joshers:
Pancho said:
Nader- yeah, he did have a chance :rofl: but anyways, if people really hate bush so much, there is this nice place up north called canada that is pretty open to people moving there that they may look into. out of 280 million people, making the majority happy is pretty tough, i dont any of us are up to the task. that being said, i didnt care much for gore either in 2000... wait i couldnt vote so my opinion doesnt matter!
Hooray for Canada! Im not gonna say eh. Oh I just did. Damn. I'm at school. :down: :eek3: :ugh: :greddy:
Andrew.Homosexuality is no longer considered a psycological disease according to the diagnostical statistical manual.And you are not qualified to diagnose............Or are you?.........Beastman AIDS?.....................
.........JEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZ......I don't even wanna know. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww. :gaybar:
I know you are trying to be funny, but seriously- stop.
Sorry .I never know when you are in the mood for humour.Point taken.
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