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    i need to do a research paper for my english class and the topic that i chose is: recent developpements in rear suspension technology and types of linkages. the linkages that i will discuss are single pivot, 4-bar linkages, and vpp. if anybody has any information on any of these things i would really like to know about it
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    Axle Path

    Single pivot follows a set arc thus reactive to pedal torque & braking.

    FSR linkage follows a pretty straight line moving slightly foward towards the seatpost and is least reactive to pedaling torque & braking forces ( active under most riding conditions ).

    VPP linkage travels in a S curve. First arcing towards the seattube/toptube juntion like a low single pivot 25-30% in to the travel. Then at that point it starts to arc away from the seattube like a high single pivot design for the rest of the travel.
    A low single pivot design will make a bike squat under pedal torque and high single pivot will do the opposite. Braking mildly affects the suspentions ability to track the terrain.

    Anytime a axle path moves in a rearward arc usually has some pedal feedback. It puts some resistance in the pedals because the chain is pulling on the chainrings making the cranks stop during pedaling. A foward axle path is much less noticeable if at all.

    Braking wise, I like the FSR the most. Single pivots can be good with a floating brake assembly. VPP design are fine in the 4"-6" travel range but longer ones could use one but not really worth the added weight.

    Shock advancements have come a long way. Use of more complicated valving can make a bad suspention design work alright. The jist of it is a rear shock can be made with a mild lock-out/low threshold valving thus resistant to mild forces by pedaling or small bumps.
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    Wow, I wish I got to write about things like that in my english class rather than the different types of literacy. That sounds like a topic to be discussed in an engineering class not an english class. You are going to have a lot of blank stares in your english class. Sorry, I cant help you, I just wanted to add my two cents.
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    Ciga, you might want to try - they are much more knowledgable in the suspension deal. I've owned 20+ frames, never had a rear suspension :rofl:
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    thanks for your help everybody. and i know that it is the best topic ever. we were allowed to choose any topic that we wanted so i decided to do it on biking. its crazy that most people had no idea what to do it on. damn, they all suck. im going to ace this paper.