helmets are good for you

Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by KoxxLevelRider, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. KoxxLevelRider

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    wow am i glad i wore my helmet. i had a wreck yesterday. i was up on a wall and my back wheel got stuck and i fell forward. my bike hit the ground and it bounced back up and the handle bars nailed my head and cut it open. i think 3-4 stitches but if i wouldnt have had my helmet it would have been much worse

    i got a video but i cant get it to work on trials-shack...ill put it in my next vid

  2. digby

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    if your name was jobott, you would probably be dead right now.

  3. hophopsnap

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    at the last comp my front wheel got stuck on a roll down and I went over the bars and did a tuck and roll. If I didnt do that I would have landed on my face and bled all over. hope you heal fast and painless
  4. KoxxLevelRider

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    yeah actually it doesnt hurt at all...only thing that sux is that i couldnt take a shower for a few days, and since i went riding i was smelly as shit.
    most pain is my groin and i have no clue what i nailed it on, only a bruise, but of course at the hospital my mom had to mention it to the doc so then he was like well let me take a look....fun stuff