Helmets and Protective Gear

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by B1105, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. B1105

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    Hey guys,
    After my mom saw me doing a pedal kicks and screw up on my pedal up, she got all paranoid about me snapping my head open. I'm curious if any of you use full face helmets, shes convinced to get me one, but I'm wondering if they obstruct your peripheral view at all. I've been used one of my Bell X-Ray and such, its worked well, but when I start doing real urban stuff (i've been working on my driveway), I think a full face might make me more confident. The other question was pads. I was thinking or something like



    For helmets, I was thinking of getting that 45 dollar 661

    Any ideas? If anyone has a better helmet suggestions, please let me know, along with the pads.

    Thanks a ton,

  2. 666

    666 Guest

    don't get ur self beat up by wearing a full face helment, unless ur doing 30' drops or stealing something,

    trials is a very calculated sport, and it requires a lot of movement, a full face will not be required

  3. Allmjm

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    Full face is not worth it and I would argue that because of its weight and bulkiness it would be more dangerous then a normal helmet. The shin guards you picked out seem to be fine and are a good idea. I wear a similar type all the time and have become used to them, even when mountain biking in 90+ heat. I have those exact elbow/forearm pads and I have worn them less then 10 times. They are too hot and not worth it for trials and even XC mountain biking. For scrapping my elbow once a month MAX they just aren't worth it. I would even send you my old pair for reallllllll cheap, if you still want them.
  4. bigd

    bigd Guest

    i agree, full face helmets are way overkill. this sport is so slow moving and skill based, nothing is ballistic. its rare to see someone even consider attempting something that they don't feel confident they could do. i would say at most, shinguards, but normal attire is just gloves and a normal helmet. trials isn't ballistic like DH, you can't suddenly lose control and get thrown into a tree at 40mph. its just not THAT dangerous if you progress inteligently.
  5. vince

    vince Member

    Get the switchblade so you can leave your house with it full face, and then take off the jawpeice as soon as your mom is out of the picture. Plus its the most breathable.
  6. Fast Fashion

    Fast Fashion Youth in Asia?

    pretty much any helmet is overkill. but i use a pro tec ryan nyquist sig. edition sans the decals. i got it at cost so i don't know how much it is. best fitting helmet hands down.

    edit: shin gaurds might be the queerest thing i have ever seen.
  7. ty

    ty Guest

    i have a switchblade, its a nice helmet but i would NEVER wear it for trials, the jaw peice would piss me off alot, just a regualr mtb helmet or the nyquist will be fine. i would say forget the elbo pads, shin pads are not a bad idea but not necessary, i hit my shins all the time and still dont wear mine, unless im on some hard natural
  8. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    there you ahve it
  9. AgrAde

    AgrAde From your head to your fists

    yeah, i have never hit my head when riding trials. is it actually possible?
  10. OTAdmin

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    I crushed a helmet riding trials and I think my roomate has as well.
  11. WhiteRavenKS

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    exploded two skate helmets and one mtn bike helmet riding trials. you can hit your head walking into a cabinet too. wear a helmet.
  12. Elan

    Elan steve french

    i hit my head real hard once, im happy i bought my $10 skate helmet
  13. AgrAde

    AgrAde From your head to your fists

    i'm not a moron and i do in fact wear a helmet, its just that my helmet is as shiny and pristine as the day i bought it.

    stefahn says "safety first" :werd:
  14. Patrick

    Patrick New Member

    I could have had a pic on your list cyro cube.. jacked the shit out of left shin a few weeks ago in Dallas. I really hate wearing shin guards though.. I need to find some that start half way up the shin and cover the lower part of the knee that's not too restrictive. If someone knows where to find those, I'll buy them right now.
  15. Shipley

    Shipley ..........

    Patrick, Lizard skins shinguards are cheap, like $30 cost, and they've got a v shaped plastic insert inside the neoprene if you're really worried or you can remove it and they fit flat against your shins. You'll forget they're there. http://www.webcyclery.com/.docs/product_id/308/pg/product_details.html
    661's veggie shin wraps are a cheaper option.. just not as good imo.

    Anyone not wearing a helmet... Enjoy your borrowed time. You probably won't eat shit on something huge.. but you'll manage to really mess yourself up doing a gap from curb to curb. Whoops.. wheel out from under you and your head's cracked on the curb. Wear a helmet, dummy.
  16. AndyT

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    Lizard skins are $30 retail...if you are paying 30 cost you are being raped. Shin guards are all dumb anyway, don't bother :)

    I've had periods where I didn't wear a helmet ever, now periods where I wear it on every ride. I've never even grazed my head once in over four years of riding, I see people fall all the time and I don't even understand how you could hit your head riding trials. Guess I'm just lucky :greddy:
  17. MegamoMidwest

    MegamoMidwest chicago crew

    I cut my head open hopping around after a ride in a parking garage. I hit it on one of those rafter sort of dealies in the underground parking lot. It didnt hurt much but it was real bloody. I always wear a helmet, I just took it off because it was the end of a ride and then I got bored and started hopping around without a helmet and whadya know, smacked my head.

    I would wear a helmet if I were you.

  18. trialspads

    trialspads TrialsPads.com

    I don't care how good a rider is, I don't have any respect for people who endanger themselves by not wearing the minimum protection...a damn helmet. It saved me twice from cracking my head open. It's one of those sudden, unexpected mechanical failure that happen to involve my head...but luckily it saved me from getting a brain damage or even death.

    I think the full face is a bit of an overkill. But I've seen some urban riders wearing it so guess it's your choice. I sometimes wear Fox shinguards, they work absolutely great. It gets a bit sweaty when it's warm out but if I'm trying anything new or just for a confidence booster it does help.
  19. AndyT

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    listen to this man.