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hey im new to the site
what goes on here?
i usualy just am on biketrials.ca
and i been ridin for about a year a half
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I dunno, it's just a relaxed atmosphere to talk about trials :). I like providing everyone with pictures and videos, which is why there are so many on the main site. Other than this, I really don't know :p
Man! It's a mutha f.......... of a partay... lemme tel ya the Colorado trials scene has some the coolest cats this side of the alley .And the rest, well
we make fun of them .They handle it well which is why we are sooooo
cool. I never said we were the best!
god damnit afrobot please stop posting. i know you aren't a douchebag in real life, but it comes across that way hugely on the internet.

i think we need to have en intervention :rofl:
god dammit

trials discussions go on here, and one of the best features is teh regional forums, so you can schedule a group ride easily.
I cetainly can be a douchebag in real life.That was not my intention,in the prior post ,or any other post, just some sporadic retardation.In all seriosness. The scene here is the most fun I've had in any sport ,and this forum is a result of that, I have no intentions of detracting from it.Thanks for you efforts :bigthumb: Bill.
This forum isn't just for colorado people, thats what is annoying about your posts. If he posted this in the colorado regional forum you would be right, but this forum is just like any other biketrials forum. Except without asshats moderating.
I like my hat. :p

no dabs hat for the upcoming no-dabs.com
Mistrial who are you? Rory, Nic, Chris? Its mike here, obviously.
yes mike its nic
and you just got.... :eek:wned:

chris says " oh guys be nice" :greddy:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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