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Hello to the BC forum

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Hello to the BC scene. :Wavey: Love the smilies :bigthumb:
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Started doing street three months ago.
Looking forward to riding with you guys next september. I'm going to UBC in the Winter of '04 so can't wait to see what's happenin way up north with the scene...how's the street trialsin in Vancouver?
The trialsin scene is great in Vancouver. Plenty of fun stuff :drool: So far I have only been riding with my friend but hopefully when the weather gets better we'll meet up with some other riders in town.

Look us up when you're in town eh. Oh ya make sure to add eh to the end of your sentences when you get here :D
im from nanaimo on van isl, lots of sweet sections around town, you other b.c boys should ferry it over and check it out ,even give me a ring.

killjoy$^*(&[email protected]%&(
Don't forget to come over to the island one weekend(victoria). There are tons of riders over here who are just ichin' to ride whenever they can.
I heard B.C is the has some of the best places to ride. Can u tell me some places to ride?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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