headtube bored too much, loose headset cups, would you worry?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by imnotzakmaeda, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. imnotzakmaeda

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    Ive got a newish frame, the headtube was machined a little too much and as a result, the bottom headset cup is not in there tight, pressed in super easy and if I hit the toptube while the fork is out, the cup will pop out. The frame itself is super reinforced, so i'm not worried about that, but the guy at the bike shop said there is a chance of it ovalizing.

    What would you do?

    a. suck it up and just ride it
    b. call and see if you can get crash discount in case the thing does ovalise and the headtube starts creaking like a mofo
    c. call and see if it should be replaced?

    I dont think its that big a deal, but the dorks at the road shop and also the lbs, think its a pretty big deal.
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  2. WhiteRavenKS

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    c, then b... what about a deep set headset too? you might be able to get a race face or king steelset up in the frame farther where it might not be machined out so much.

    for trials use (im assuming)- it is kind of a big deal... your lower cup takes so much abuse, if it is not tightly fit your frame is going to ovalise. might not be like on your first move but over time that frame is going to ovalise.

  3. imnotzakmaeda

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    they said a steelset may just make it worse if the upper part isnt bored out enough. Same problem pretty much.
  4. smudge

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    Call your frame vendor and tell them what's going on. They should take it back. If they won't, 1. never buy anything from them again and 2. King will make headsets that have an oversized insertion diameter. Measure the I.D. of your head tube at two points, call King and see what they have for you.

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  5. thetart20

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    Fill the gap with Stud & Bearing Fit (fills gaps up to 0.5mm), or araldite? Ive done this before... works a charm...
  6. xxxfr


    i would call company, try to get warrenty, if they say anything other than free frame, ask them to split the cost of a custom king, if not, pay for a king.....also measure the headtube farther in, steel set may fix ur prob