Has any body else experienced this?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by bylsma, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. bylsma

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    Today my usual freewheel went to shit so I slapped on my old one that has half the engagements and actually found I could get more power out of it. It's like the space between engagements allowed me to really accelerate the pedal and when it kicked in I could feel it snap and really get a shitload of jump from the wheel, whereas with the faster engaging freewheel it felt more like I was pushing. Does this make sense or am I just fucking retarded?
  2. bylsma

    bylsma New Member

    Think of it this way, if you're going to punch someone will you be able to hit them harder with your fist right up against their face or if you wind up from a few feet back?

  3. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound Steffen L.T.

    Interesting. I went from 16 points to 72, I dont feel my ridding improved at all.

    I actually generally like the feel of few engagement points, it is incredably more forgiving at the pedals when static or close to static. For me at least, the ONLY reason to have many points is for pedal kicking. (Any move involving a kick to the pedals, most on both wheels) I had to learn ways to move my cranks down a little, like doing a backward crank revolution, or pivoting up on the front and letting the rear brake off so you can put the cranks in the right position. Overall its probably better to have more though. (but 72 max!)
  4. McQueen

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    I think that its more that you are forced to put more leverage on the pedal than when you had the 72 engagement points previously, not necessarily "snapping" the pedal but more "cocking" it back farther to find that engagement point than before when you had so many decent points to choose from with 72 and not bringing the pedal farther back on the rotation... this also agrees with your punching example.

    Anyways that's just my thoughts.
  5. xxxfr


    i went from a shitmano to a ringle to a king 16, 36, 72 and it got better each time....

    as far as the punching thing, i dunno sounds like it could be true, but u just have to adjust the time that you pedal, letting your front dont a hair sooner w/ more enguagement points seemed to increase my pedal kicks
  6. DanBowhers

    DanBowhers I farted.

    There are moves I can do with a shitmano hub that I cant do with my king (ie 90 degree gap turns a la lenosky) but I do not feel as confident when I need to pedal kick off something in an emergency (or just plain quickly) I feel so smooth with the king...which means i really really suck with shitmano
  7. Rob.K

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    Having lots of engagement points helps for those little adjustement hops or what Dan said about the emergency stuff. I like the large number of engagements better personally.
  8. Ross

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    My new wheel with a CK hub is coming tomorrow so I can attest to which I like better then. But to me it seems like more engagement points would give you more power out of your pedal stroke b/c you will be actually spinning the rear wheel the whole time you move the crank arms whereas with a shimano hub you have to move the crank arm a bit (usually) before you hit an engagement point.
  9. digby

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    your punching example is a very good one, however the thing getting more power to it is not just your gap. You are putting more force(like the punch) on your pawls. Think of it this way, you push on a door really hard, its fine, it just goes(this is a king hub) no stress really, just quick acceleration. Now you punch the same door with your fist, now lots of stress, the door goes just as far, but after a while, the door breaks, and instead of punching the door, you fall through it.