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Group ride up the Poudre Sunday

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snow, bone chilling cold expected. If it does snow Friday/Saturday/Sunday I'm not driving all the way up there, but lets plan on a ride anyhow :p. What do you all think?
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I would like to try it out!! Depends on how much snow there is, I have never been to the poudre - is it mostly natural? It would be my first natural ride :p
It's all natural, we'd love to have you :)
i'll be there playa. i was gonna ride at horsetooth since the main part is open now though. we'll see.
i might be ther ebut i dont have a trials bike...................still.........gay hub, and its really hard to type ive beeb dinrkiing
TY IS THE MAN. Ty's goign to hook me up with old footage and I'll bring a hilarious video of swearing, falls and king skipping to you all. I've been drinking too, not nearly as much as someone else tho...
i sold my bike..so haha to u :joshers:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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