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Group ride 24th-25th...

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So what happened to this CO springs comp?? I'm still down...just need to know when its going on...

If it isn't going on let me know now, I can always set up faux comps at horsetooth...which will soon be enveloped by horrendous water.

orrrrrrr we can ride somewhere else. My school schedule this year, without working and everything, is hilarious...I'm out at 11 am on monday and friday sos I can drive places on those days...but I'll probably just rage the poudre/toothy land.
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however it works, i am there like white on beans
Sunday. Noon. Ghetto spot (AKA G-Spot). UCI. HARD. Free. Sport, Expert, Pro (Andrew, Dolphin, Kevin, Graham, Josh S, Mike S, Bill R, Robbie you are all PRO).

Any questions?
P.S. I am out of school at 12:30 every day now, so traveling is much more feasable...
Pancho said:
Sunday. Noon. Ghetto spot (AKA G-Spot). UCI. HARD. Free. Sport, Expert, Pro (Andrew, Dolphin, Kevin, Graham, Josh S, Mike S, Bill R, Robbie you are all PRO).

Any questions?

aaaaaaaahahahahahaah....I fear for grahams life.
i am not pro but i will ride pro. count me in. i would rather just ride the sections than compete though
I haven't really seen Graham ride that much, but what I have seen makes it look like he goes BIG.

Dolphin, there really isn't a difference between riding the sections and competing, but anyway...

I'll get there early sunday and set sections, when people start showing up they can make changes to the sections.
Going big has nothing to do with competitions :)

Can we get some directions?
i think i have a busy weekend coming up but ill try to make it there, directions would be great!
sicky gnar-bar... i can hopefulkly con soem people into riding sport..if not, i can owninate [email protected]!!
ill ride sport with you elan, but mod sport, we can all ride together :ugh:
sounds sex
Directions: (these are a bit tricky, but Kevin made it, so it shouldn't be a problem for the rest of you...)

South on I-25 to the southside of Colorado Springs, exit is 135 (South Academy, NOT North Academy).

Exit onto South Academy (Hwy 83) heading left (Northbound away from the mountains).

Take the first real right (Hartford) and then you'll come to a T intersection, and take a left.

You'll come to another T intersection, and take a right.

Again, you'll come to a T intersection, and again take a right.

And for the 4th time, a T intersection, but take a left this time.

Go straight into a construction area and you'll see a bunch of boulders to the left.

The directions sound hard, but basicly you go left on academy, take the first right, then you go to 4 T intersection, and go left/right/right/left and you're there. Call my cell phone if you have trouble 719 963 4072.
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Pro?....be prepared to hand my ass to me....we should just wheel in a meat wagon just in case....
so sunday then? what time?

edit: sorry i just reread the above info :bigthumb:
OK, fine, I'm done dictating who rides what catagories. I'll just set the sections for sport, exp, and pro, and if you all can just decide which one you want to enter. If blatent sand bagging occurs, then you don't get any prizes... oh, and you'll have to double your entry fee...
Pancho can you guarantee a good time

IE every single section = 5 5 5 5
Yes Andrew, that is what I am shooting for.

I'm going to set sections that I think the best riders in the state will 5 85% of the time. That will be pro. I expect the winner's scorecard to look something like this 5555553555545555.

Expert will be a notch easier, the best riders in the state will probably get 2s or 3s on these sections if they were to ride them.

Sport will be something that the experts will get 2s or 3s on.

Get the idea?
word- if my wrist is feeling good i will be there 5'ing it up captain insan-o style.
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