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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by bryco8, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. bryco8

    bryco8 Guest

    i was just wondering what you guys use for know tires, pedals, shoes, grips? thanx guys
  2. Ed Gildea

    Ed Gildea New Member

    tryall tires tryall and atom lab pedals and cheap vans bike shoes tryall grips.

  3. BenR

    BenR Active Member

    Any shoes would work. Vp pedals are the same as the try-all and are $10 cheaper. For tires it depends on what you ride if you ride mod and urban get monty because they don't wear down fast. If you ride mod and natural get try-all because I've heard there grip is good, but they wear down fast. If you ride stock then i don't know about the tires.
  4. sharpe

    sharpe Guest

    try all rear tyre, specialized front, dmr v12 pedals, lock on grips and i use my puma tahara's running shoes-they have a super thin sole so you can feel everything!
  5. RomanR

    RomanR DualDisc 26"

    04 Specialized Roller rs 2.6 rear, soft and cheap, sidewalls enough for 1.5" tube at 20 ish psi. Just way too big, even with the sideknobs almost completely off. 2.4 is the size to get.
    04 Specialized Rockster 2.0 front, soft light and cheap.
    Grips, some long foam ones sold in 4's, super comfy, not thick, and very cheap. I cut each grip in 2 to get twice as many.
    I have some Specialized bmx platform pedals, wobbly, with shot bearings, with 1/2" self-threading metal screws in them. Super grip, super scary. I was too cheap to get new ones after the original pins wore down, so I put the screws in. I'm still riding them with crapped out bearings.
    Shoes, some random knock-offs of the Osiris D3's, they were cheap and look pretty cool. Have had them over 2 years, and the sole is real bendy by now, I love them.

    So basically, the cheapest-but-still-good stuff I can find.
  6. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    try all tyres, atom lab pedals, try all grips, cheapo airwalk shoes.
    tyres-gotta be grippy. if they wear down fast still take them, as long as when they aren't worn they grip well.
    pedals-get nice ones. i've found that you get better value for your money by buying one set of 80 dollar pedals, as opposed to a set or three of VP pedals.
    grips-personal preferance really. it also matters on what gloves you use. i use mechanix gloves (i think they're thin, others say they're thick) on try all grips. i find it gives me good control (no super big foam grips) and doesn't hurt my hands.
    shoes-doesn't really matter. if your pedals are good your shoes will work. make sure they are flexible though, don't get ones with stiff soles.
  7. Spacemunkee

    Spacemunkee Guest

    tyres: mitch hot s on the front, maxxis high roller slow reezay on the back.
    Pedals: Onza vp's at £15 with p&p they are cheap as chips
    Grips: Some no name brand foam grips which have been working amazingly well super thin with replaceable foam covers perfection
    Shoes- using my etnies lo cuts at the moment really hold well with the vp's