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Graham Wilhelm- Tryall America - Natural Pics, TONS

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I warned you...LOTS OF PICS. Place is horsetooth, rider is Graham, all taken today by me. Feel free to use this pics on the only good thread on biketrials.com , just make sure you mention graham and AndrewT when you post them.

The rocks above, warming up:

All these are down below...Looping out on a gap:

HUGE sidehop to both wheels from wet dirt:

Couple of pics of this very sketch rock, the top was very strange angles:



Looping out on a HUGE scary gap:

Set up:

In the air:

Finally, landing it...The top of that rock was way crazy:

Here are some artsy pics:

Hope you sluts enjoy it. Good to see a seller of trials parts that ACTUALLY RIDES in the US.
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Thanks for the pics Andrew :bigthumb: You guys have such kickass places to ride in CO. Any video?
My video camera will be here shortly...gotta wait for a fat dude in a red suit. Yeah so that spot, its about 10 minutes from everyone in fort collins. And it goes on for miles. Those 2 different kinds of rocks are just a few yards away from each other. Granted they aren't as cool as being inside a gym riding on 2x4's. :p

In 2004 year you'll see fort collins videos expose our riding, none of us get in any videos you see right now.
Once again, amazing pictures. I can't wait for the new videos. Your riding + good music + you editing = >*
hopefully my artistic genious as a trials rider will be shown on these films, and htat will be cool.
nice as pic's. i wish i had a spot like that!!!!
great pix! some cool shots in there. that gap looked prettyh crazy. btw, you can't link photo's from here to biketrials.com for some reason, so these photos will never see you pic of the day thread, that is still going! (p 29 now)
You can save them then upload them...but stefahns a **** and has his cap limited to 100k, and many of these are over 100k. Oh well!
100k isn't big enough for viewing quality photos :(

My limit is 275kb, Plenty generous for even large photos. http://upload.observedtrials.net
I didn't even have a video camera yet :ugh:

these were taken with my ball year 2000 1.3 megapixel
You should post them in the "official photography" thread! Especially the artsy ones :momaru:

that camera had one mode, and a 3 second press shutter to take picture lag
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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