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AndyT- banned for posting pictures of fetus

Andrew D. Tonkery - banned for arguing back with someone who made a threat, the other person wasn't banned

TEX AVERY MR. JAPSLAP - banned for ??? Apparently making the site look bad??

.elf.hundert. - banned for arguing with someone

AndrewT - banned for arguing back with someone

GNAR KILL - banned for ???

TONKERY - banned for ???

stefahn - my newest creation, banned after 5 posts...5 fucking posts. for what reason I ask you?? Oh let me show you:

Check out this hilarious excerpt from a thread over there (trials forum .uk) , I'm sure trials coach will love this;

yeah he is a good show rider (nelson reis), but also the American world's team only have one rider. Mike Bentham. I dont think they are too bothered about the world's.

a few posts down, reply to that one:

He's canadian though? Or does canada count as the America team?

mind boggling;

no I cant be canada is great britian aint it???????????????
Oh one more!

well I think mr. bentham kind of blagged his way onto the US team,


Someone get a video camera if i ever see stefahn IRL again, I'm not kidding.

and stefahn, how about you stop being a dipshit and just ban my IP for fucks sake. If you don't want me helping people or posting views that don't agree with your hilarious little black and white world you have to ban my IP...it takes me about 2 minutes to make a new name.
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Finally, thank you stefahn. :wavey:
You should ivestigate the possibility of making a script to fill out subscritptions. You can prob fetch a page in lynx and then fill out the appropriate fields and then post it back. I guess you can provided the same email address if they don't check for duplicates. Just a thought
It's ok, stefahn finally IP blocked me...now stefahn could you please firewall me so I cannot access the entire site?
Just change your IP. Looks like you have a cable modem from your alcoholic thread. If your ISP uses DHCP to assign IPs then you would just need to force it to give you a new IP. Also you can xterm into say a school computer and use it to access the site. Lots of possibilities... Don't let that dude push you around. They all (on bt) need you as the drama queen that you are :bigthumb:
I've been dealing with that fagmo for a long time, its fine if he doesn't want me posting at all...I honestly don't care about that- but seriously he is such an assfuck its not even funny. I've met him 3 times. The first time I met him was motorama 2000, i was a beginner rider and had known him from bt.com- i looked up to him. I came by and said hi and he was a total asshole to me, and he was a total asshole when I met him at worlds. Since then I've realized that he is the biggest douche bag in the entire world, just from friends online talking to him in real life- I HONESTLY did not believe people like him existed, but its quite hilarious that they do. He censors words like "damn" because he thinks 6 year old kids will get a bad impression from it. HOLY SHIT, little kids can type in one little word into any search engine and see his mom smoking pole whenever they want. His profession is being a douche. Seriously , bt.com is it- look at his posts, i don't see how you can't cringe at them.

http://hosted.trial20.com/cgi-bin/f...;kullanici=&sifre=&dizin_git=Jump Dir

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nice one adam- good to see international folks doing a bit of drinking....i have to hit the liquor store up here in a few minutes- what time is it on that side of the pond?? Have a pint for me!
Damn you drunkards... I have fucking exams to study for... I got to say that its great to say fuckady fuck fuck on this site even though I don't swear much. Just the freedom is awesome. Plus banning of members is lame. werd to ot.net
I think somone should post those pics on bt.com. I probably just got banned on bt.com for posting this here.
Lay off the personal insults of Stephen, you know I don't like to censor you guys, but I don't like flaming either. There's only one way to get him to change his site if you don't like it, bring it to his attention... he has a suggestion box forum. Just a suggestion :)
Bill you know he would never anwer any of that shit. He would never even give me a reason for being banned, I only got it out of sonic some times. You are supposed to act like you would at a sunday service.
I know he won't answer it, but he would read it :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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