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golden rides, weekdays

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well, today patrick, jack, and i rode around golden for about an hour and a half. there is a lot of sweet stuff to ride there. i dont think that it would be worth it for a shiramizu, stevenson, or tonkery rage, but theres actually a lot of fun stuff to ride... its really close for me and patrick, so im sure if you wanted you ride, you could definately have atleast one person to ride with, if not more... im down for about any weekday... just make a post if you want to ride.... :?
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i would like to check out the goods some time... today would have sucked, did anyone else see the traffic stopped and backed up on i-25 for like 3 miles in every direction this afternoon? fook that, looked like stereotype LA 405 traffic...
hahaha..i saw that they took out the colorado st. bridge... poopy... well any one is welcome to ride whenever..i just think it would get boring eventually if i was a pro-level rider... but there are definately some sick lines. patrick did a mini-josh tonight, it was sweet.
northbound i-25 to the boulder turnpike exit: a semi tipped over cus his hillbilly ass was taking the turn too fast. they closed it down for several hours. last i saw at like 4:30 the traffic on nb i-25 was backed up PAST colfax... thats a long ass way and im sure it got worse through rush hour.

southbound i-25 at franklin (kinda by university and downing, in the thick of t-rex): some tow truck vommited over 200 gallos of deisel fuel. they had it down to one lane and it was backed up to around 6th avenue at 4:30... thats a long ass ways too and it also got worse.

basically today was the worst day ever when it came to driving on interstate-25 in denver... im so freakin happy i wasnt stuck in that mess
I saw the news and I was just happy that I don't have to take 25 for than 1 mile everyday!

So yeah, last night was alot of fun.. Very close to my work and lots of cool things to ride on.

Starting tomorrow, I won't be able to ride again until next week, so I'm going to go back to School of Mines tonight. I'll be there and ready to ride at 5:00.

Everyone else is welcome! Elan you going back for more?
We did find some sick natural stuff that had pretty good lighting. It was a pile of big rocks taken out of a hillside to make a parking lot. There were some hard lines there. The size was fairly limited though. I'll try to shoot some pics sometime.
i wont be there tonight. but tomorrow night i will be there.
Ok, might be a solo ride then. Nothing wrong with that..

Andy, Dolphin, Kevin, Boulder people?
I just got my mini dv camera, no way in hell am I driving down there.
advanced physics final tomorrow... need to study my nuts off. gunna have to miss this one
but you will ride after you take your finals..ok, cool :bigthumb:
I'm stuck in Portland! Weather REALLY SUCKS HERE!

I'm up for rides in golden... uhm... I live there too! I'm glad there are things for people to do.

I also have a place that we can drink beer. Hot tub would be available also. Now, I just have to get back from this corporate training thing!

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