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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Pancho, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. Pancho

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    I've decided to go with a frame built by Ground Up, the same custom builder that built the National Track team's bikes for worlds last year.

    I just had a good conversation with the builder, and we decided on several things. The bike is going to have 15" chainstays, extra-wide BB, Horizontal Dropouts with a derailure hanger, Four Bolt mounts (take that, Kevin...), Top tube will nearly be inline with the seat-stays, no possibility of a seat, and we're going to shoot for a wheelbase of 1080.

    I have a few questions for you guys;

    how much does fork choice, amongst the popular trials forks, affect wheelbase?

    What does a Koxx or Echo of this length have for a headtube angle?

    What effect does moving the BB around have on the feel of the bike? (up, down, foreward, back)

    Thanks guys...

    P.S. Gonna have it powder coated bright pink... :yum:
  2. OTAdmin

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    Holy crap Pancho, is there an overall discount if you also order a second bike (not like I could afford it anyhow)? You just described... to a T my dream bike.

    The koxx headtube angle is 71 I believe

    I'm not sure on the exact effects of BB height, but my Planet-x's is too damn high. I think Dave's woodman might be just a bit low (12.5" I think). I think a good heigh would be right around 12.75"

    I dunno about that whole pink bike idea... cool, freaky idea... but you may tire of it quickly :p

  3. afrobot

    afrobot Aluminum is for recycling

    Yes he would probably give a discout.However both bikes would have to be the same geo specs on tubes,to cut down on design and cutting time.I doubt you guys could a gree on that .
    If you can I'd be interested too.Further complicating the agreeing part.
    You can all have your own pain flavors though.Raw for me!
  4. Fast Fashion

    Fast Fashion Youth in Asia?

    i really hope you are getting V-brake mounts otherwise there is no point what so ever in getting a custom frame. i would also reccomend getting a 1100mm wheel base.
  5. afrobot

    afrobot Aluminum is for recycling

    Yes V brakes ,one less thing to break every time you ride.I suggest also starting with all new parts.Since everything is breaking off.While yer at it why not rip off that Costellier design.
  6. WhiteRavenKS

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    4 bolt mounts? how about making it with a pre-dented set of tubes, be just as good in the end :rofl: just j'in dog. tomAto, tomaato. i hate maggies and have devised such a brilliant adaptor that it renders all other adaptors obsolete. see tony fernandez for end result.

    anyways, what ever you do, dont put those damn vp pedals on there!!! or at least if you do bring a spare set with you when you ride- those pedals are slapnuts. i still stand by the analogy that they are like tampons- they are only good for one time use.

    well, on a more possitive note, im really psyched to her that you are getting some good shizzle on the go with this frame. the ground up guy does some good work from what i hear so i hope everything works out well with it. im anxious to see the end results!
  7. Pancho

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    Hey Afrobot, you're on my side, so it's time to shut up. yea...

    And Kevin, I'm not gonna take shit from you, we both know I'd kick you're ass if I stopped riding switch foot. I had to though, just so I wouldn't hurt your feelings with my superior mad skills.

    Ok, now back to reality...
    Josh, I just got a whole new drive train, no more crappy singulator. Brand new cassette, new derailure, new track cog, new chain. No more mixing and matching.

    As for the pedals, I've finally figured out how to keep a pair in good shape: I cut outside third of the outside cage off, so all that remains of the outer cage are the parts that bolt directly to the inner cage. This keeps any strange torques from bending or snapping the pedals. A little green loctite, and the bolts have stayed put for two weeks now. They are also plenty sharp, just look at my shin!

    And the brakes... They are the one part on the bike that hasn't broken in more than two years, well that and the stem/handlebar/headset/front wheel. I'n gonna kill myself when those monty bar/stem finally go, I can't believe they lasted this long.
  8. AndyT

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    I got an idea on the VP pedals- don't be a douche bag and stop hitting things with them.
  9. afrobot

    afrobot Aluminum is for recycling

    Trade your pedals for foot pegs and a throttle.Don't forget to pick up the digitally remastered "Cool as ice" Directors Cut.Vanilla ice at his crotch rocketing finest. :greddy2:
  10. BrettM

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    Up and down is more of a preference thing. Best bet is to hop on a couple bikes, see how it feels, too high or too low, then measure to see what its at and go from there.

    As for forward and back you really can't move it. If you are using 15 inch stays it will be 15 inches from the rear dropout. You also have your wheelbase measurement so that is the other half. The only way to move it is to change either the chain stay length or the wheelbase length. Actually a wheelbase measurement is sort of working backwards when designing, and I think only trials really uses it. What you wanna figure out is your front center measurement (center of bb to center of the top of the head tube.)

    Fork choices from trials companies are all pretty close I believe. Abouts 45 mm of rake I think? Maybe 35?

    Give this deal a try. You can be at it for a long time and is actually kinda fun to mess around with. It's called bike cad and is put out by www.bikeforest.com.


    I'm a pro at it so if you get into any trouble or have any questions just let me know.

    Good luck with it.