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Girlfriends and trials?

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This topic has been popping up rather frequently recently, so I was interested in getting other people's thoughts on the subject.

Mainly I was wondering if you ride less, just the same, or perhaps even more? Also, does it seem like you improve or plateau when dating or married? Do you think your relationships suffer in anyway because of riding?

Most of the Colorado riders probably remember my Ex-girlfriend, she came with me to almost every comp for about two years. She was extremely supportive of me riding trials, and it was great. Regardless, I didn't get as much time to ride as I'd of liked, and I rarely rode with other people. I think I definitly hit a plateau while dating her. Not only that, I didn't feel like I competed as well when she, or my parents for that matter, were watching me.

Anyhow, I now find myself two months into another relationship, and at the same time I'm looking to travel the country this year and devote myself very seriously to competition. As much as I love riding trials, relationships are also very important to me (YES, even at 18, you assholes....), so I'm just curious how others balance their lives. I realize this is just something that I'll have to work out myself, but it can't hurt to hear from others.
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That is exactly why I try and find a girl who is down with biking. I've been through 2 relationships in December. One was for 5 months (july-december) and the other for 10 days. Eventually things just didnt work out, but I rode more. Now my new girlfriend is really cool and loves biking. Hopefully I'll be able to bike more because of her, I'll always have a riding partner. She's into the whole trials/bmx scene (my two main biking areas). To answer your questions now: I ride the same, if not more in a relationship. I also feel I improve while riding because I have someone there to back me up no matter how I do, so I don't get discouraged as easily. Oh, I'm 15 too, so if that makes a difference....
I try to find a girl that goes away after a day or two never to be seen from again, so i can ride all i want... or i could if i didn't have school.
dude, girls are for ****....
dumb and dumber-er.... good flick.

pancho- if you are thinking of traveling all over the place, take the lady friend with you on some of the trips maybe?
that works sometimes, until they see, like say...andrew ride? ahahaha..ask "el feo", he knows what its about.. :)
However seemingly ironic it may seem (to me at least) the only girl I've dated for the past six years that had a problem with my interest in cycling, was a bike messenger AND the custom frame painter at a prominant Seattle based builder. Go figure. I've been pretty lucky since then. My girlfriend is an avid mountain biker and she's interested in learning more about trials. She's super supportive and wants to help out whenever she can, but she knows if she needs to back off a bit too.

Although I'm riding less now than I ever have, it's no fault of my girlfriend. You really just need to prioritize your life. Sometimes riding will be the priority, but often it's not. It's made much easier when you're with someone who understands your passion and is willing to compromise some time so you maintain your sanity. I love it when she comes out riding with me though. It's fun to see her work through problems and try to learn new moves. I enjoy that aspect of all riders though. It's always great to see someone work hard and improve their skill in a matter of hours.
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hehe elan :) that was HILARIOUS...girl kept stairing at me.

I am a different person all together when I have a girlfriend. I had the same one for a few years, I was a happy person and I rode alot. Then I didn't have a steady one for a while...bout a year, not much riding going on at all. I started going out with a girl in october, and I haven't been more interested in riding trials in a loooong time. She knows that I ride, but hasn't seen me ride at all- I have no intention of showing her any time soon as I don't really care, not important in a relationship.

If you are going out with one of those wierd clingy girls, that might be something different.
well, then theres high school. i know of one girl in my school who isnt a waste of sperm, and she dates a 20 year old...go figure... ahahah...sorry, i wont post here again...
Don't mix. I personally don't. She comes to the odd competition but that is aboots it. The only catch is if you don't sorta set that standard right away you'll be fucked.

As for getting time away to ride I dunno. My situation is I can't see her that often so its easy, but most everyone I know when they do have one they aren't out riding much. Good luck on that one.
riding gives me the chance to get away from my live-in girlfriend which, after 2 years, is always good !!

- Joel
It's all a matter of balance. Wife, work, riding, etc. My wife kicks me out to go ride if I have not been in a while so I don't drive her nuts. It's a little hard to balance life, work & riding but with the right communication it can be done. Now, throw a baby in the works and it gets harder but still not impossible.

As for plateauing I haven't had that problem, but then I have not been riding very long so there has not been that plateau yet. It'll come, the same thing happens in climbing. (I hit it about V4) But, riding for me is more about having fun than competing. That why I do a little of road, mt & trials.
I prefer byesexual relationships...I have sex and say, "Bye!". Riding, traveling and working leaves me with no time for relationships,but thats me since most pro level riders are married...depends on the girl I suppose. V4?...whats that? and what happened to the yosemite decimal system we perfected for climbing?!
Not a problem for me... my girlfriend owns a GSXR600 and purchased a 270 GasGas for me...
i ride motorcycle trials every weekend and cycle trials a few evenings a week to keep fit for that.
The V scale is for bouldering. I honestly couldn't tell you how to compare the two. I used to climb 10d but could only boulder V4 or 5. I believe the V scale goes up to 14, but I could be wrong about that.
Pancho said:
Plateuaing at a V4 isn't so bad...
Yeah - I suppose. I got a V5 every once and a while but just didn't quite make it past that before I started riding lots. Now I don't hardly climb at all. :(

trialscoach said:
V4?...whats that?
The V system was developed by John Sherman to rate boulder problems because the existing B system (b0,b1,b2) sucked. Roughly translated to Yos, V4 = 5.12 something. I couldn't ever climb routes that hard because I didn't have the endurance at the level of climbing. I did come really close to getting a .12b in Penitente canyon but didn't ever make it back down there to work it.
smudge said:
I believe the V scale goes up to 14, but I could be wrong about that.
Sorry about hijacking this thread Pancho......

The last I heard there are a few V15s out there now. One down in Hueco and a couple overseas. Of course there are only 2 or 3 people in the world that are bouldering at that level. Kind of like watching the Coustillier brothers in the Paradise Found Director's Cut .... Un-Frickin' believable!!! :eek:
Oh Pancho! I thought I was your little MR Slave.Oh Jethhiz Chrithze.
I had hoped that the fun I had at the Nathrop comp with my girl was a sign of things to come.We finished two bottles of wine.Had lots of fun and even hopped on one of the horses on our way out.
Now she's a bit clingy and nuts.Which encourages me to get out more.
Relationship based frustration has helped my riding alot.

She wen't to mexico and hasn't called in a while .Maybe I'll have more time to ride.I hope Eduardo is good to her..........Don't eat the worm!
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