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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by nidoss, Mar 28, 2004.

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    When ever i go ride, i have sharp pains in my wrist, and when im not riding its a dull pain. I was wondering if there was any magic way to stop it from hurting other than not riding. I did the same thing last summer to my right wrist, but now its fine(i barely rode for 3 months), but just a few weeks ago i messed my left wrist up.

    im still a beginner so im trying to ride as much as possible. My remarkably unsmooth style might be the problem.

  2. OTAdmin

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    Your best bet would be to ask an actual doctor.

    The first thing I would say is to take some time off riding, however... I realize that is not easy to do when you're addicted. If you give this a shot and it isn't working out, try riding through it.

    I had some wrist problems for about my 3rd through 8th month of riding and the only "cure" I found (because of my "addiction" I couldn't/wouldn't stop riding) was to ride through it. It hurt really bad a lot of times, but I knew if I kept riding I'd either do permanent damage or force it to get stronger. I probably did both, but I haven't had wrist pains in over a year now.

    The cause of my wrist pain was from pulling up on the bars, I know this because it hurt when I pulled up and didn't give me much trouble at all on landings or whatever.

    If yours hurts from pulling up, try lightening up the front end of your bike, if it hurts from pushing down, give a cheap suspension fork a try for a while. I think you can pick up a manitou black fork for pretty cheap, and for just a few more bucks you could get the same one with a lock out. I'm betting Kevin (WhiteRavenKS) will know if the lock out is worth the money or not, but as far as I know, no lock out so far has a good reputation.

    Lastly, I'm not a doctor. I have no idea if what I said above was good advice or not, you really should ask a doctors opinion, as what I said above is just what I would do if I couldn't afford to see a doctor.

    Good luck... I'm sure you'll be fine before long,


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    A few things you can try first are adjusting your level and handlebar angles. I had tendentious for a long time and eventually got over it by doing wrist exercises which I got from a PT. However if you search the internet you can find tons of exercises for free. Just start off doing them with no weight at all and low reps like 10.
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    I would also have to go with the "stay off the bike" suggestion.

    Early last summer I had to bail off a simple gap across picnic tables. Right ankle rolled off the top of the table and then rolled again as it bounced off the seat.

    I was just getting into some fun skills (still beginner level though) but I stayed completely off the bike for two weeks. The second week was the tougher one, as my ankle was feeling fine, no aches or anything.

    Got back on the bike and haven't had any problems with it since.
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    Ive had the same problem, the way i fixed it was to get a wrist brace. Just an elasticcy thing. I kept this on and went easy on my riding for a fair while. Mainly concentrating on small tech skills rather than full on shit.

    This worked for me, but I think it was more to do with jacking off than riding. :werd:

    If pain persists, please see your medical health professional. :Wavey:
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    check out the Fox bmx brace gloves, have a 3 inch brace on a stylish and comfortable good fit glove, and no, im not a fox salesman
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    Loosen it up by stetching it and massaging it with an electric massager, rub deep heat into it, take rests when riding and put a cold compress on it, if it swells compress it with a cold compress, take pain killers, wear a loose bandage to help keep it warm, see the doctor,
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    I think the above replies are good.

    I too, however, went through some serious wrist problems when learning trials. I even saw a doctor about it. The pain was almost as you described it.

    I found that it related to two things. 1) I wasn't very good at pulling my front wheel up to get on the rear (to learn rear wheel hops). I'd simply yank the handle bars and lean back. BAD! The solution: Learn to push the pedals with your feet and pull / lean back with your body. Much more graceful.... a lot easier on the wrist. 2) I ended up putting a small travel fork on the front (SID 80mm) to smooth out my style and technique. Since I didn't understand how to land the front, or by being off balance- take a hard hit, it really soaked up initial impact. Also, when i was learning how to pedal-kick up the front wheel, the landings were much softer. The fork will also put you up higher, and there-fore less distance to pull up... another advantage.

    I broke my derailure hanger a few months into it, and gave up for about 2 to 3 months. Wrists healed, I replaced the Hanger and wala, no problems since.

    I don't suggest 2 or 3 months... however, use that time to learn stuff that you don't stress the wrist.... Track standing, balance, bike repair, tube replacement, beer drinking... etc.
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    Im sure all those ways are correct but as someone else suggested check your handlebar/brake lever angle. That was my problem. I had them way to far rotated forward. Fixed my wrist problem first time out.
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    Tape your wrist with athletic tape. You'll look like a WWF wrestler but if your tendons and ligaments are just weak, the tape will help support them by holding them closer to the bone.....ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET :eek3: , but I'm not Chinese so I may be wrong. Climbers do it :werd:
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    thanks for the advice. haha ive got the beer drinking thing down pat. guess i just need to be practicing trials.