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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Allmjm, Nov 20, 2003.

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    This is a question for anyone who rides trials and still mountain bikes. I would like to get back into XC riding (I’ll say what type in a second) and am wondering what type of bike set up would be easiest to use when going back and forth between trials and mountain biking. The type of riding I would be doing is high technical XC single track. Some famous trails that I have ridden and loved are: Porcupine Rim (Moab Utah), the single track in Brian Head Utah, Deer Valley and Park City ski resorts in Park City. Basically I’m NOT into that type of riding, which is a fire road up and down a mountain. The trail that I’m planning on using this bike for is Vultures Knob in Wooster Ohio (if anyone has ridden that trail). I used to know a lot about mountain bikes but I’m more interested in is what type of bike would be easiest to adjust too. How wide of bars should I be looking at? (I’m running 29” now for trails). I’m thinking a hardtail but have liked some FS that I’ve tried (I loved the Trek Fuel series). Any other type of geo things I should be looking at? If I do decide to get a new bike I’m guessing the best thing to do will be test rides but I would still like some opinions. I haven’t ridden a real mountain bike trail since the summer of 2002 (last ride was Amasa’s Back, I think, in Moab Utah), but I look forward to getting back into it. Thanks
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    hey i ride a trials bike with 29in bars and no seat. My XC bike has 23in flat bars and is set up like pretty much most common hardtails. I also ride a road bike to stay in shape. I really don't have a problem switching from one to the other since they are all different styles of riding, all involving different techniques and skills. Hope this helps

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    I don't know what the terrain is like in Ohio, but if you plan on riding trails like you mentioned in Moab then I'd go full suspension. The trend right now is either super light race or heavier and more travel. If you ride really hard I would not go super light because the bike just won't last a long time. Go for a little more suspension (4" and 4" or 5"x5") and a more durable bike then take a hit in the weight. If you keep it under 33-35 lbs it will still be a good XC bike that you can ride all day IMO.

    That being said you can probably tell that I have a heavier bike. I ride a Spec Enduro and it probably comes in around 33 lbs right now because I just put some downhill 2.3 tires on it. I think the bars on mine are 26-27" bars.

    Final advice - Ride EVERYTHING! Spend a couple days going to bike shops and riding everything in your price range, and a few outside your price range just for fun. ;)'s a XC bike. It comes with a seat, so don't forget to sit down every once and a while..... :rofl: