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Your common gear ratio used? (stock bikes)


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I have a 22t front ring, I used to use a 23t in the back but am quickly seeing the disadvantages of this, my next one down is a 20t, so I was just wondering if ti was worth going through all the trouble of getting a 21t?

What do you guys use?
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22-19. I find I get a lot more sloppy with harder gears and with easier gears I can't quite get the power I want.
20-17 .. 20-18 if I can find an 18t ring, bmx chain makes this shit way too hard.
22-19 22-18, but it depends on the cluster. wat is the strongest chain for trials besides a BMX chain?
Rohloff is the best chain IMO. about 2 years on mine, its probably still good but I cannot use it with my current chainring (way too fucked up). Hey crescent rider want to buy me a rohloff?
22-18 just changed down from 22-17 feels a little soft for ups atm but better for natural rear wheel stuff gaps not much change. no idea how people ride such low gears feels like your hub doesn't engage at all
street/urban trials 22-18 (harder ratio, less pedaling)

natural 22-21 (almost 1:1 ratio, great power release, feels almos like 22-18 riding on grass, uneven rocks)
Completely different here, with a FFW setup. Usually do 18-16 for urban, dropping down to 18-17 for natural.
umm.i use 22 - 21 somthing... yea, it feels good, but there are better set ups, definately with the 20t front ring.
i always used 22-18 on my zebdi, got me lots of power and speed into the semi taps i do. but it seems like a failry hard gear now that ive gotten into other moves, my wheel comes off skinny things when gapping before i can put much power into it. i got me a 19t cog to use on my new frame, but looks like i'll be having to get a 20 as well, just to see what its like. i havent ridden my bike yet, still not finished. to those that use easy-ish gears, 20-18 and 22-21, is that the gear youre always on for big moves and taps, to tech natural and stuff, or do you shift every now and then?
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I used to use a 22/19 and it was great, now I use a 20/17 because CK doesn't make steel KKs in 19t...Both of these gears are good, I find 22/18 too sloppy, like Bill said. What gearing was Cris Santos running in revolution on 231? that shit was torquey !!

- Joel
22-19. i was pushing 22-17 for the longest time, but tried 19 and loved how much more poppy it felt and the increased torque .
Santos runs 20-19.
DERRFFF..damn bmxers..haha

i use 22/17.. taht is the gearing,... teh longer i ride it seems the lower i go.. some mofuckas like TRA prolly use 20/11..haha, because of VIKING power
at the moment im using 22-19, but when my king comes in i will be using 22-18, because, as said, king dont make 19 tooth .

um, now i am worried, what do people find wron with 22-18? what do you you mean sloppy? it cant be that diferent to 22-19, can it? :ugh:

probably pricey seeing as its middleburn, but maybe ill buy a new 20tooth front chainring rather than the 22 tooth one so i can have a setup like whiteraven suggested .
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