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Gambril State Park, MD ride

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So we found all this cool stuff to ride... and too damn bad that I live 700mi West of it.

Can't be a pro when making faces like that :ugh: Just shooting the bike forward after gapping to front wheel

Gap to the rocks down below

Since I am no French dude I had to ask a friend to get the bike up there :rolleyes:

Chris making his way
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those are some real nice pics Roman, thanks :bigthumb:
Thanks Bill. It would be cool to have a camera that can take quality pictures at high speed. (a couple a sec). That way you can select the best one from doing one move, instead of trying to redo it in hopes of getting a better shot :) One can dream I suppose.
It was great riding with you again Roman...been a while. It was also great to get to explore an area with such great potential. I really think that stream area down the hill has some great stuff, it just needst to be cleared out a bit. No matter what, it sure beats driving up to Rocky Ridge, Candytown or Rock State Park.

Hopefully next time I won't have vertigo and will actually be able to ride a few feet without crashing. I'm definitely going to be heading back up that trail this weekend to get that up too. I was pretty frustrated that I left it there unconquered.

What bike are you going to use for the trail? I think a nice hardtail with some suspension up front and at least a front disk would make it fun riding down the steep trail that we haven't done. I rode down it on my PX and it was pretty challenging.
I was talking about that chin high up we tried in the middle of that trail. The one with the weird run up. Depending on my schedule on Friday, I'm going to head back there and try to get it. If not Friday then on Saturday.
God, I miss the east coast!! Riding in WOODS with TREES! Awesome stuff, keep the pics coming!
This place could be great with some maintenance. There's a place nearby that could definitely be world class, if it were only legal to ride there. Damn private land owners and their liability worries. Stupid American legal system.
Well you can still ride there, but be ready to quickly get away :) I doubt they will shoot at you, but who knows those people :ugh: When you get that up you should let me know
i ride rock state park with gary lessner, you guys know him? :D
Yeah I know Gary. Sean probably sees him a lot more than I do, since I don't visit MD that often.
smudge said:
Hey Baltimore, who are you?
Eh, im Chris. i live with Gary now. i used to ride a black planet X.
I mostly ride urban, ive competed in the last 3 motorama's and Candytowns...if you were there also.
guys im from de and i was hoping to get to ride with some of you guys eventually. i jsut need to know when and where. i went to the last candy town but i am no longer riding a surly with a dual crown fork so no one gets to laugh anymore. but just drop me an email and let me know where you guys ride.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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