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A1 Specs:
Adamant A1 (stock) Long Frame – Black - wheelbase 1095 / chainstay length 375 / bb rise 30 / headtube 100 / head angle 71°
GU disc only fork - black
Hope mono mini Trials front disc – 180 mm
Planet X front hub –black, laced to a black 38mm wide, drilled rim
WTB Desert Raptor front tire 26X2.1 – some life left…
Adamant headset -gold
Echo stem – black, approx. 145mm long, approx. 30° rise (steerer attachment bolts replaced with bolts with lock washers)
Echo handlebar – gold, not sure the rise.
ODI Ruffian lock on grips
MOE ISIS bottom bracket -128mm, I believe
Adamant gold bash
Monty FFW – 72 engagement pts., 18T
KMC 415H chain – there are lighter chains out there
Adamant ISIS cranks – black, 170mm length
VP pedals – one of the bolts that attaches the outside cage was replaced by a bottle cage bolt.
Adamant rear hub – black, fixed, 15T
Echo rear brake – complete. Not the new SL, but not the new TR. Green(unknown brand) pads.
Echo rim brake mounts – gold (Right side mount I tapped one bolt hole to fit larger bolt size.)
Rear rim is Echo or Try-all, 45mm wide – gold, with a brand new grind.
Rear tire – Maxxis High Roller 2.5 Super Tacky. Single ply – not much life left…

Note: I have electrical tape wrapped around the chainstay to protect it. Portions are peeling off. Also, the scratches on the downtube are mostly cosmetic. Only 2 shallow finger-point sized dents.
PRICE: $1015

Adamant A1 long sale pictures by gusmuh - Photobucket

Other parts/items:
I am also selling an older model of the echo tensioner that slides in between the chainstay and the hub body. It has been slightly modified, but nothing that compromises its integrity. - $20

Black Magura HS33 rear slave cylinders and hoses w/ SC plastic mounting rings. It will come attached to a Master cylinder, but the master cylinder is useless because the mounting clamp is broken. Plunger, etc could be used for parts… -$40

SOLD - Gold adamant lever blade – fits echo and Magura rim brake Master cylinders -$20

HS33 lever blade($15), Magura mounting plate($10), booster($10), and V-brake conversion mounts(EVO2, I think)($15)

Planet X front disc hub - silver, 36H

Rhode Gear trunk bike rack – Simple and useful -$30

SIMS board/ski bag – green end flap closes with backpack type plastic buckles. Majority of bag is black with a reinforced bottom end. -$30

Singing Rock Zenith Climbing Harness, Size L (34-36) with titanium/orange colored locking carabiner, black belay device and green ABC chalk bag and chalk ball. -$45

March equipment sale pictures by gusmuh - Photobucket

Shipping is not included in prices.


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They're still alive and well! Rim is amazing. It's still true as ever!

I still have a huge fist sized hunk of tar at the bottom of my toolbox from what you gave me! Comes in handy!

Did you sell your Echo?
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