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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by mikemad23, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. mikemad23

    mikemad23 Guest

    i need help, i have no idea how to do it, or if it can even be done on a mod. i think i just need to go more vertical but i dont know. i can only get 1 or 2 hops somebody please try and help.
  2. Ross

    Ross New Member

    hoping? jk. I know it can be done on a mod b/c I see josh cummins doing it on his echo team all of the time. I cant really give you any advice except that it is probably just one of those things that you have to practice and it will finally click. Just like most other things in trials, repetition is key!

  3. atypical

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    I hope to hop on my front sometimes too. It's harder on long wheelbase bikes and longer forks with slacker geometry. I ride a stock so this won't mean much, but I have Long Echo Pure with 420mm Pure fork and It's a bitch to do, but possible. I locked my elbows when first learning, it helps transfer the motion instead of absorbing the hops, the balance point is hard to find, it is super close to spilling over the bars, but if you coast along, slap on the front brake, and lean over the bars you'll soon learn about where to be. Then start hopping when you're near the balance point, like kicking your feet backwards and even hopping backwards with the front wheel in order to keep it under your weight. soon you'll be at three, five and ten hops. I recently learned again and stopped at ten hops b/c it's not a move I use except to impress myself, 10 did it.
  4. echoteam13

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    i dunno what ur talking about, a pure w/ a 420 fork is awesome 4 front hops.
  5. bylsma

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    I found that I had to lean waaaaaay farther forward than I thought. Also, I developed a feel for the balance point faster by starting in a trackstand and throwing my weight forwards to get on the front wheel instead of using momentum from rolling then hitting the brakes.
  6. chronic

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    The way I learned to do them was on a tiny slope. Like at an intersection when you're waiting for the light ride up to the little slope into the rode and pull your front brake whilst obviously leaning forward.
    When you go up you'll find your balance point a lot quicker than on flat ground. After figuring out where abouts your balance point is if you try a couple of times I garauntee you'll get way more hops than the one or two you have done.
    And then once you have the feel of it, just try on flat ground and really lean forward. Eventually you'll be able to pull them off once and a while. I still cannot do them really well on flat ground, but on a tiny slope I could hop until my shoulders sieze.
  7. RyanMcVicker

    RyanMcVicker Well-Known Member

    I can do it alot better on mod then stock. Check out vids and just roll forward, and lean forward while braking and find the balance point on the front, and try to stay there.. Just practice, alot of practice..
  8. RyanMcVicker

    RyanMcVicker Well-Known Member

    That is how i learned, but now i can also go to front from a stopped trackstand, just leap forward and position yourself in that balance point...
  9. AgrAde

    AgrAde From your head to your fists

    you have to practice and stuff.

    12305978203495734x easier if you have the pressure of your front tire so it's bouncy, compresses about 3/4 of the way towards the rim. any more and it gets dampened.
  10. Simonk

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    go on some grass and have a few goes of intentionally falling forwards, and learning how to bail out of it (depending on how tall you and your bar/stem are). When you dont have a fear of going too far forwards, just do as others have said and just practice finding the sweet spot, and staying there.

    Bend your knees as well, tuck them in as far as they go, I find this helps to get your weight forward. If you are falling backwards, try and suck the bike in towards you when you hop to correct for it, when you are falling forwards push the front wheel away from you. I think its mostly about learning how to correct yourself.