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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by B1105, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. B1105

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    Any suggestions for a 26" tire? Something light and lot of traction. I was thinking either a Michelin Hot S 2.2 or Kenda Kinetics 2.3. The 2.3 seems to have a better tread for the same weight. I have the Michelin Hot 2 2.5 on my DH bike and it works well, in muddy conditions, but i wont be riding trials in the mud. I'm thinking the Kinetics. I'm also running an IRC El Gato 2.25 in the rear, any suggestions?
  2. DanBowhers

    DanBowhers I farted.

    Suggestions: Thorw the El Gato away. Next use pretty much any Maxxis dh tire in the rear (or the Michelin DH tires...those are sick too) Personal suggestions from Maxxis Minnion, High Roller, Mobster the hansventure might be ok for the rear too...but I would go for the Mobster personally. Get any of those in dual ply and you will love yourself.

    Front tire depends if you want a more North Ameircan set up with the lightest possible set up or more uci with more beef. Personally I use a 2.35 Larsen TT. It is about 700 grams I believe and offers a ton of grip (Even when wet on rails...)

  3. Gardenfan

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    Kinetics is a pile of poo. Most uninspiring tire out there.

    A great tire from the kenda line is the blue groove, at about 780 grams it is lighter than advertised, and much lighter than some of the other tires out there. This comes at a cost though in terms of stability, and pinch flat protection. Neither of which are bad if you have a DX32 or wider rim. Very sticky tire as well.

    I rode a michelin comp 24.1 2.5 on the rear since about last June. Amazing tire, probably the best tire money can buy, or at least a tie with the maxxis offerings. Never got one pinch flat with that tire in all that time, nor did I get any roll. It just wore out is all.

    Never run a Maxxis, but hearing great things about them!
  4. AndyT

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    been a super tacky minion sitting in my room for a while, I've ridden michelin for over a year now...very nice, switched it up. I'll put a review up of the maxxis if my coustellier ever gets here.
  5. B1105

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    Hmm ok, I'm planning on wearing out the Gato first since its basically new, but thanks for the suggestions.
  6. ty

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    this has litte to do with your question but i am running a hansventure in the rear of my bike and i love it, sticks to almost anything, its the 2 ply, i would think it should be good up front but its kinda heavy for a front tire
  7. Nikolai

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    I agree with Gardenfan. I have the Kenda Nevegal 2.5 (like a blue groove, but with taller knobs) on the 47mm tryall rim on the front. It is a great tire. It's got really sticky tread, it's huge, it sticks to everything. Check it out.
  8. oicdn

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    Michelin COmp24.1 2.5 rear
    Michelin Wildgripper 2.1 front

    Both stick like glue on both urban and natty....well so far...not hogs on the scale either....