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Well, I realize I've made it a point to tell everyone that Mike and I we're going to be doing a front range series next year, trying to get people excited and such. However after talking this over for a while, Mike and I have come to the agreement that we don't want to put the kind of effort neccessary into a kick ass comp series next year. Rather than do something half-assed and piss people off, we've decided to call the whole thing off. I apologize.

The reasons are simple, and I'll be upfront.... We'd rather put energy into our own riding right now than into this comp thing. I'm 18, that is really young, and I'd rather focus on my own career as a rider while I am at my prime and instead focus on a Front Range series when I'm at a point where serious competition is out of the question.

We are not completely giving up though. We are going to devote all of our extra effort that would have gone into 7 or 8 front range comps into the NATS event we are hosting. This will allow us to put on one of the single best comps in Colorado in years.

Sorry again, hope we haven't let too many people down.
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no complaints from me here. i know you and i are in the same boat when it comes to getting really ambitious about something. you're right though, you're still a young kid and you can always put time into making a comp series a few years downt he line. it was a good idea to have a front range series and i think you could have pulled it off very well. even if we dont have the FRS, colorado will still have gobs of comps to attend. maybe 5 or so events in the MSC, Gunnison, Salida, the Iron Horse (maybe), and (as much as i hate to say it) Norba events in snowmass (maybe) and durango (another maybe). combine that with all the group riding that will be going down and i think we will still have a solid riding scene that no one else buy bc can touch.

hopefully the nats event ends up in co and i know if you guys get it, the event will kick ass. i look forward to hitting that one up for sure.

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i was really looking forward to the Front range series. oh well, we weill still have fun riding. i cant say i blame you, when you first said you were going to do this, i though "he is crazy" ttfn..
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