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Friday night street ride in Boulder

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If anyone is interested in ridding street on Friday, I am going to try and get some katz out. I am thinking about meeting around 5:00 at the big manuel curb/barrier, the one Theo rides alot in front of the dorms. Let me know who is interested or meet me there!

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I'd like to go....but its FRIDAY NIGHT?!
word. if there is no snow on the ground im there. i need to actually ride my norco like it deserves to be ridden, unlike the suck riding i do on it now :bigthumb:
Friday night, yeahh it is. Come ride for a few hours drive back to the Ft. and by that time it will be time to hit the bars, perfect! or just booze in Boulder, I mean CU is the #1 party school.
If I can get this crank situation figured out on my bmx I'll be there, that is if the lady doesn't want to do anything.

And someone has to promise that they will block me from flying into traffic seeing as how I don't have brakes....and kev- it ain't gonna snow!
I'm pretty sure I'll be there.
hey matt- tell dave to come...and bring that woodman....
hey but nugget...you got room fer me? or do i have to spend 700 buck on gas or my V8 monster...
I'm pretty sure if I'm going he'll be there, and he'll definitely be rolling on the woodman :bigthumb: I'll let him answer for himself though if he wants to (he doesn't post a lot cause he's kinda shy :p)
unlearn said:
hey but nugget...you got room fer me? or do i have to spend 700 buck on gas or my V8 monster...

Not with that attitude.

You can come if you don't wear shin guards :hs:

edit: not sure where my head has been but, I work till 5 :)
I'll be there, and I will be bringing my woodman, since it is the only bike I have.
i'll bring my bmx and my skateboard so i can hurt myself twice as bad.
hey kevin, I will bring those magura parts for you friday night
if me and andrew go we'll be there around 6:30

hope i can make it.
i have a dat with a female.
yeah so since beast-man is leavin' from werk i'll be takin ma own ride...

got room fer one more if anyone in FC is interested....

so far it's me, oscar (Grammy...get it) and KenC....cresentgirl backed out cause he me a sorastitute with big cans :eek3:

leaving by 4:30....
I have to work till 5 or so, but I will be there around 5:30.
54 degrees and sunny. looks like it should be a good ride. i will damage my face/
Sounds fun.. I'd be there if I had a bike. new ride should be ready pretty soon though..
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