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Free crescent Illions frame, and free monty x-lite frame

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Cleaning out my apartment last night of past relationships, trials is just one of them. I probably threw out a ton of good stuff people might want (maggies, hayes levers, dozens of tires, wheels blah blah) but I stopped when I was about to throw out the frames.

So whoever wants them come and take them, I don't want this shit near me. If no one shows interest they are in the garbage.
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I'd like that ilions frame please :)
I'll come and get it, and we can get some Toy's :)

Or China palace :D my treat
If you want to come up tonight give me a call matt, leave a message I'm not sure where my phones at....treat me to toy's for the frame- that would be swell.
Sure, I'll come up tonight, how about 6:30?
Oh I also organized all my maggie parts (I know dave wanted stuff)

I have about 50 feet of black cable (yes, that much)
~20 olives, ~20 barbs, ~20 of those other things.

The white blocks to put the barbs into- about 5 bleed kits, 30 OZ of fluid...the list goes on and on. I don't need any of it, but I won't give it away (its brand new, can't do that :) )
Sounds fine matt, i get off of work at 5....
ok, I'll bring some cash with me too.
I'll bbl, gotta go back to class
if the x-lite frame is still up for grabs I wouldn't mind having it Andy.
andy, please save me anything mod you own, im willing to pay shipping, could we talk about this monday, cause i gotta leave to go outa town right now (my grand father is real sick) but id really like to take some of that stuff off your hands, anywho, later man-
If there are any cranks for stock in the trash pile I'd come up and dumpster dive for them. Also, if there were some decent tires 'cause the tires on my PX are crap!

wow us bmf guys are just some scavengers
if you have any stock parts you have that are in good condition let me know. and any other stock frames i'm really poor and could use some cheap parts

3 stems
5 bottom brackets
3 sets of cranks
countless brake parts

3 deraillers.

mod frame and stock gone
Andy, got any BB and frontfreewheel cranks?
Did you ever sell your Koxx mod frame? If not are you willing to part with it and for how much?

He sold that
Tanner said:
Andy, got any BB and frontfreewheel cranks?
Gave some monty front freewheel cranks for free along with the x-lite frame. I have 5 bbs; one ISIS, 4 square....2 race face square, one ghetto square (***??). Some isis one, fuck if I know- its FSA.

Sold the koxx mod frame, though I've been shitty on shipping it (sorry andrewM!!)

What else do I have...

Monty x-lite bar/stem for mod, monty x-lite disc fork for mod, magura louise. Too bad you guys don't live close I'd just give it to you. Shippings kind of annoying.
haha, you could have given me the louise :p
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