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Im looking for a cheapish urban/trials frame..I was looking at a PX Jack Flash or a Snipes Elemental..I want something somewhat light and something in the $400-600 range..any suggestions?
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dont buy a planet x.
every body i know who has ever had anything to do wiht a planet x wants no never have anything to do with them again. i dont like them either, but i dont ride "urban"? i dont ride much anyways, but yes.
I rode a planet x zebdi for about a year and it was a damn good bike. I have moved onto a woodman because I wanted a more competition frame. BUt I think it is going to be for urban a planet x will work just fine.

I also owned a Planet x bommer frame that was my dirt jump frame and I love that bike for dirt jumping and what little bit of strret riding I do. The bommer is the same geometry as the jack flash just made of steel not aluminum. hope this helps
i had a zebdi for over a year and it was a damn good frame for just about everything. It;s not a com frame but i was durable as hell and it was quality. If you want something to fool around on or a stricly urban trials frame the sebdi or JF will not do you wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed mine until i got into UCI too much.
has anyone heard anything about the snipes? i know its not a "trials" bike but it looks pretty cool. I need something for trials/freeride/street stuf. any other suggestions?
norco.... and before anyone says any crap about it- keep in mind this is for all around riding not just trials (am i right about that- this is what you are looking for right?)

the evolve is a good frame, it is close to (if not the same) as last year's small sasquatch frame. the new moment is also a really nice all around hardtail frame. they will both fit in your price range. i would definately look into the moment- it would work well for you i think.
Ok so Norco is an option..has anyone heard anything about the Identiti Dr Jekyll or Judge frames? The snipes is supposedly a stolen Jekyll, but I dont really know..
the identity frames are cheap... cheap in both price and quality. they are pretty tough bikes i guess but thats probably because they are overbuilt and under-engineered.
my friend has a snipes frame and I ride it often.

Snipes is basically run completely by one guy (Jeff) and he does all the design for scratch by himself as a rider. Its a good frame and a bad frame... no good for trials! (17" stays being a main consideration!)

There does not exist a frame good for trials AND freeriding, but your closest bet is a zebdi or evolve.
As someone once said: 'Trials frames are better for everything else than everthing else is for trials.'

What %'s of trials and freeriding(urban,dj,ds) will you be doing? Look at the PX NFJ...
we mostly ride around the city area so alot of what i do is urban, but weve got a couple ladder ramps that we hit too and every once in a while go to Arcadia or places like that. My aggressor has 16.something" stays and i like the feel of it, its easier to gap things compared to my friends p2. Are the length of the stays and lack of V brake mounts on the snipes the biggest concerns?
no, the snipes is weird... it feels low and super heavy under me, the top tube seams about 2 feet too short. The head angle, well, i dunno actually... the site claims to be able to take any fork, but since most people run 6-7" forks on there, its not likely to fit good with a rigid.

The good thing is that its $500 CAD and has a GOOD lifetime warranty. Also, it is run by a REAL person (not some non-rider commitie board) who rides good and knows how to run a respectable buisness. I have NEVER heard of someone being unhappy with a snipes frame or snipes themselves.

My awekward (sp?) expirience with snipes may have been how everything was set up...
Its gonna have an EXR on it most likely, until I buy a different fork..can you compare how it rides to any other frame? Im starting to like it more and more..$339 here in the US, plus that warranty is really nice. How long exactly is the top tube?
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