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Talk about the "COPY":
XTP from ZOO! Piranha, none of you notice?, HA! :D They just make it luxe. The Piranha in 2002 winter, the XTP in 2003 summer. Dual CNC yoke. "ZOO! is copy of KOXX"?The XTP's gusset at the head setion is from ECHO URBAN, right?
The Monty Urban has chainstay and down tube gussets such like the ES3.
The new Zoo! Pitbull and coustellier frame is from Justic and Pashly, right? Design = copy from 1 frame+copy from another frame?
The Atomz is from Megamo, exactly the same bike!
the Woodman is from Koxx LB, small tubes, in black.
the Brisa -- Crescent -- Echo ?
PlantX is from Megamo but different color,
And the Monty no seat Xlite(1999) is from EWR(a small company from USA in 1997-8. The new Monty 2004 xlite has a gusset on the brake mounts, is from ZOO! Lynx, and the intergrative headset is first on Megamo. Monty forks is from EWR CRMO forks too! Anyone here know EWR(Easten Wood Researh, Not sure) ?
The NORCO EVOLVE/RACELIN Rinho/ONZA is the same bike.
The KOXX LB20/ECHO TEAM/ONZA 2004 T-PRO, how do you think?
Is there problem?COPY is everywhere in the industry. Every factory is doing this!!!Most BMX we have painted has same design.
This is from a frame painter in the Pulo factory in China...

Talk amongst yourselves.
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