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    This is from a frame painter in the Pulo factory in China...

    Talk amongst yourselves.
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    i hate people that don't speak english. assholes

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    funny thing howbody was slamming Onza when their mod (koxx copy) came out.
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    Yeah, I know EWR. It was Jay DeJesus' company. He started with some east coast style MTB frame designs while he was going to Penn State. Grove Innovations, a local framebuilder made Jay's frames EWR.

    The MTB frame geometry which Grove had been playing with since the early 90's got sorted with the EWR prototypes and short production runs. Ultra ultra short chainstays, high bottom brackets, and steeeeep head angles. The only other bike that came close in geometry was the C'dale Beast of the East, but it was slacker and longer.

    For further confusion, both Grove and EWR produced frames known as the "Woods Bike", but they were different. Both companies made some really innovative frames that worked.

    Another popular frame was the EWR frame was the E-motion, which was more of a x-country bike. The EWR Woods Bike was a burly stock trials / dirt jumper.

    Jay sold EWR frames mostly to technical mountain bikers (this was before "free riding" was known), and Grove stayed afloat by diversifying into wheelchair-ski thingies. In 2000 Grove got sued out of existence (no fault of their own.. they were a cool company too). Even before then, though, EWR was getting very minimal. Jay probably had a stash of frames that lasted for when people would call up to buy one, plus the design wasn't exactly changing from year to year. I dunno what Jay is up to these days.

    Anyway, the 90's were the heyday of Pennsylvania biking. The local scene was great. Dirt Rag was still just a black-n-white zine from Pittsburgh with a staple in the corner. Jay DeJesus wrote guest columns for Dirt Rag. Gunnar Shogren was a local legend. People didn't specialize so much.. you'd see the same freaks at cyclocrosses and trials events.

    Another weird coincidence -- Grove Innovations sponsored a cross country team and one of the members was named Ryan Leech. No, not the trials Ryan, but a totally different guy with the same name. :D
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    people are stupid
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    oh, get this: kona stinky = giant ac1 or 2= a million other bikes..who the fuck cares?
    sincerely -elan
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    This is the stupid'st fuckin thing i have ever read, I wonna hit the guy who wrote that!

    The XTP is not the Piranha, not even that close!
    ''Pitbull and coustellier frame is from Justic and Pashly, right?'' NO not right! the pashly has 2 seattubes thingys and its steel!
    The woodman isnt even close to the Koxx LB!
    The Lynx is completely based on the Montey, Deng said this clearly.

    Thats just addressing some of the idiotic things he said. Any retaard off the street can comprehend that since all frames must have a downtube, headtube, toptube, bb, 2 chainstays, 2 seatstays, some sort of seatstay, and they all must be light, have low stand over height, circular/square tubing, and have very similar geometry... of course they are all gonna be similar!
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    Exactly. Who cares if somebody else makes a clone of an existing frame?

    Unless you're a huge company with a pack of rabid lawyers there's nothin' you can do. Hell, I'd be flattered if some Taiwanese factory made a knockoff of something I designed.

    Your bicycle is not a beautiful and unique snowflake. :eek:wned:
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    Wait a second, I sort of didnt bother reading that whole quote, but some bits seem like reaches (or maybe I just dont know the bike I have been riding for 3 years...or the megamo...) but how is the PX like the megamo? Geo wise? Tubes? What?