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what would you do?

frame choice of the century?

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what would you do? i am getting a koxx lb..but im just wondering what the consensus is, even though some of the choices arent even available yet.
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i picked the coustellier frame but i meant to pick the Zoo. It's the replica of the coustellier frame correct?(no arguing you know what i mean) You should buy it so we will know how it rides.
im buying carr's 1100..so then i can do all the same stuff yo udo, just with for finesse. :joshers:
after riding the coustellier and the koxx bikes... i would go for the coos'

i cant speak for the zoo. i am sure it is going to be nice and all but... i doubt it will stack up the coos machine.
yea..ive decided what..ive decided that i am buying a coustellier... yes..
For god sake man! it isnt even out yet! Neither is the Pitbul... Everyone is praising this new Coustellier bike to be the best the world has ever seen, what are you basing this on... two guys that have stood on it.... I understand that these bothers are very good and have spend alot of time and energy into designing a good frame, but thats all! Even if the bike sucks and breaks when a 30 lbs monkey sits on it, your all still gonna be cheering it on as the best. Best bike of the centry my ass, two of the three arent even out yet! and we still have unclear specifications on both of them. Elan, you keep changing your mind... which is fine, but how about waiting till the frame you want to get actually exists, lol
I really dont mean to sound like a giant ass here, but does anyone else see my point?
I dont mean to diss the Coos bike, because I also THINK it has a very good chance of being one of the best biketrials frames in the world, but everyone are like kids in an elementary school, with a cany store being opened next month across the street, all the kids are making exact plans on how mych money their gonna spend and exactly what times of the day their gonna go, but they dont have any solid info on what the store is gonna be like, then it may turn out to only carry really fance cnandy that the kids dont like... Does that make any sence...?

I simly think the hype is way too strong for a frame we dont know much about.

*no rudeness inteded
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ive ridden the coos bike... it is very nice. it rides better than any other bike i have ever straddled. based on ride quality alone, the coos bike kicks so much ass.

im not basing my choice on the two guys that ride em- im basing it on the time i spent on the bike. (though the xtp is a very very very close second)

as for the zoo, i couldnt care less about that bike.
Bloodhound, I was basing my opinion off of what Kevin has told me personally. I trust Kevin's opinion, understandably more than you, considering we ride together and he knows what I'm looking for in my next frame. I'm not planning on pre-ordering the frame and I'm not planning on buying it when it first comes out (unless I fall into some money :p), but I am very excited for it's arrival.

It's a bit early in the century to be speculating.Hopefully the frame I am building/having built will be better than the both the Zoo and Coustellier.It will at least have a better paint job......Steel 4-4 1/2 lbs ,disc,internal cable routing,lots of fluff... And best of all, no proven track record!
I ride 20" but if I rode 26" it would be the Coustellier frame, never a Koxx. Far too common for my liking :down:
yea, in htat UK movie, thats all i saw..koxx koxx koxx koxxx... but vincent was the only one who could ride it..then there was "johnny", he was pretty good
elan you fucking idiot, no one in that movie is from england. FRANCE
sorry, i dont know my onion... :(
haha...yea.... segments..sorry.. my excuse will be tiredness, because i was up until 1:00 downlaoding it..haha. ]
Meah, 3 hours of sleep before heading to Best Buy at 5:00AM...H4|?|)K0|?3
I just got a woodman, I think its a great frame...no experience with koxx, zoo or the coustellier. Woodman is light, cheap, and long (my first long bike, pretty crazy stuff!). Although I rode on Dolphins level boss yesterday and it did feel pretty cool!
Ok so kevin is web cyclery going to be selling the new zoo im just curious. I mean not that i dont bug you enough. Because if i were to buy it my choice would be tim anyway (just due to the fact that i have had very good exp. with him).
lol why do you have to ask kevin? Yes wc wil sell the zoo, they were expecting shipping soon...but thats the last I heard of it- was about 2 weeks ago.
I think the best frame of the century would have to be a monty xlite mod. I bet most people in this forum hate Montys....but they have won BIU constantly, and now the current UCI mod champ is on a Monty. Maybe it has less to do with wheel base and more with thigh circumference =P
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