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Fort Collins Trials TWO .... all naturel....

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Only an hour or two of filming...hour or two of editing...and you have this, shot today up at horsetooth. FCT 2 showcases robbie pfunders technical ability and graham wilhelms rock eating amazingnessitudealitydome.

More to the point than FCT 1 ; which should make some of you more happy. Full of riding, no dark spots. FCT 3 has already began filming, urban so far. Expect big moves later this week.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!

EDIT: video now available only in the video section!

(PS windows movie maker makes me angry...had some troubles)
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dl... 8 hr 39min...AHAHA
wow that was a great movie, nice fall graham, first time i got to see it! that was a great ride, if you look closely you can see my sexy monty in the background of most of the film, (its for sale you know you want it)
YES!!!!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :eek: I love all these movies. Thanks to Kevin, Andrew and all the riders, for keeping me interested in the sport. It took me the whole video to remember who the song was by. Nice riding!
(ps graham got :eek:wned: )
Grrr... durn WMV...

I prefer not to use Windows Media Player. Got another one (zplayer) that has great frame by frame control, but doesn't handle WMV. :(

So nice to see some footage of Robbie, and plenty of it. Watching him ride natural is just awesome. watching him get pissed is equally cool (and scary :p). Graham looks like he really hit his knees pretty hard on that botched sidehop, and his two NASTY gaps were great. It's a shame you didn't ride, though I guess like 12 days of riding in a row you should take a day off :D.

(ps graham got :eek:wned: )[/quote]

yes, yes I did......
awesome job on the vid andrew it kicked ass

robbie and graham, great riding. that spot looks super gnarly to ride
awsome awsome awsome! loved it you guys are waaay good!! ;)
wow, CO is whippin out the vids like crazy....dl'ing now
mmm... tasty... colorado domination has begun!

good to see robbie riding (and i agree with matt- scary to see him unleash the fury). anazuh gut video...
SWEET VIDEO!! i liked the all naturelness, the music was good, and the end was funny! damn good video! keep them coming cuz they fookin rock
i like to see people recognizin' teh CO vids...its all about the fans..wait, who am i?
To the person throwing his bike around like a dead monkey; you dumb arse... you know what i'm talking about. When you were throwing that expensive and unfortionate peice of tin down the rocks, did you even stop to consider how the people who dont own such nice bikes would feel? Did you think of the little people who treasure your (apparent) trash... I dont think so.

edit; wrong fella
andrewt was riding on a woodman in that video.......
andrew is on a woodman- that was robbie pfunder on the koxx unleashing the fury-magoo. also- when a rider tosses their bike, its them who has to pay for the damage. its an expensive habbit to get into but its them they has to worry about it in the end. unless its at a comp or a demo- i generally try not to give a rats rear about what other people do with their rigs.
If I was in the video I would be riding a woodman :)

There was no damage to the frame or bike... I'd let him do what he likes, twas his first ride in a month.

I haven't thrown a bike since this summer, my monty x-lite ... that was easy to throw :)
I was trying to send a humorous value across, maybe I'm just not funny :rolleyes:
apparently not :wtc:

Hopefully you enjoyed the vid? Thanks for the replies guys...yeah I wasn't riding today or yesterday, if you see in COtrials 6 i have a little problem on a dumpster which has left my shoulder hurting a bit...but soon I'll ride again.
i stopped caring hwen i witnessed somebody throwing head-sized rocks at their chris king..
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