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Fort Collins Trials One .... new vid for you ...

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Shot over 2 days in northern colorado, I bring you the first of many Fort Collins movies. Natural was ridden by graham, dolphin and kevin up in the poudre canyon. The urban footage is of myself, on boulder campus (you can see pictures of todays ride in other threads).

Music is by The Mars Volta... editing done on windows movie maker, so that part was frustrating (premiere won't run on my computer....yet). Hopefully this will keep you entertained while you wait for colorado trials 6...

Let me know what you think :bigthumb:

EDIT: video now available only in the video section!
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word. well done andrew! pretty damn snazzy considering what you are working with eh? i liked the video- gave me a chance to see some of the stuff i wasnt paying attention to on the ride. that drop-gap... damn did that hurt.

anyhoot- cotrials 6 will be up real soon if matt and dave come riding with me tomorrow :bigthumb:

everyone download FTC1 and bath in the glory!

Where Can i download FTC1????? pls help!
I can't even think of a word that gives that movie justice. I'm in total aew. Now its time to watch it again..
go north es
I liked the one released the other day a lot more. I dunno. This one just seems to be missing a lot of riding. Almost 4 mins and then intro is over a third of the vid and there is probably a min or so of people not making moves. Its good riding and all but if I get a vote I vote to hold out on footage a little more and wait till there is more riding footage.

By the way the intro was good, just long. The riding that was in it was good too, I just like more of it.
Brett yeah that was an obvious concern while making it...

I made the movie more for a few friends of mine who enjoy that type of music than for trials riders, this was also the first movie I have made with more than one day of footage. I was thinking about waiting a week to release it and finish it with the song, which would be another 2 minutes. I'm sure I'll be making movies with a week of footage soon....just keep in mind I've had my camera for a few days and I have 2 vids out in that time, and that will be the normal output so you will have lots of vids to critique as long as I'm riding.


Brett if you want to see lots of riding, wait for cotrials 6....should be out tonight, has about 3 days of footage from me, eric porter and the normal ppl...some funny falls.
COT6 will have the sick railing gapper
i liked it! pretty good riding. editing wasn't bad either. like said earlier i wasn't all for the music but it wasn't bad. only thing i could say is maybe the quality could be better (don't compress it as much)
As far as I know, windows movie maker has no options for compression...I looked, but its nothing like premiere.
as far as i know, wishinicouldbackwheelhop would have a lot to say about that.

the music is the best ever..maybe. and most of the riding was poo.
Yo Andy.

I use Premeire to edit but I don't compress with that. I use something seperate. Dave who did the mtt vids says its not that great at compressing and I use the program he used. It's really easy. I'd hook you up if you had msn...

the problem is most compresses cant deal with wmv which is all windows movie maker will produce
Ya thats it. I guess its useless then for him. I don't understand anything technical at all. I get tons of help for all that stuff.
I saw me standing around alot.

GO ME!!!

The video was awsome but i was hoping to see me eating shit.

Oh well.

Erik S.
Erik I was super bummed- I captured everything, had about 60 different files...I watched it finally and realized that I somehow missed yours- it was like in the middle of one of the captured files- DON'T WORRY tho I'll keep it around for FC 2, which will start filming tomorrow!

Look for former worlds team rider robbie pfunder making his debut :bigthumb: ... and yeah it will be a few months before I have enough money to get a good processor etc. (coustellier and dv cam = broke) so you guys are going to have to deal with the poo quality, but the riding can only increase :bigthumb:
when does the coustellier come?
and how fast is your processor?

downloading tonight anyway, along with a few other vids. with 56k i dont think they will all be done by the morning :ugh2:
the speed is not important, premiere 7 (what I have) will not work with amd athlon processors...I have a gig processor. Coustellier have been produced, who knows how long it takes them to get it here...1 month would be the best, I wouldn't be suprized if it took 4.
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