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Fort Collins ride sunday

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All I know is dolphin and robbie pfunder are planning to ride.

I will most likely be riding either a motorcycle or a female, but riding none the less.

I would suggest posting in here if you want to come up and enjoy some natural with those guys. :bigthumb:
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you wil be riding your bicycle, if not you can not listen to my new Cradle of Filth CD.
Ahh, makin' copies....the copy miester...copyrama. By the way....who is this girl you'll be riding? Does she come with a quick inflate valve? Andrewski, what are you doing Friday night. It's my B-day saturday...we should go out and get rattled friday night. (that sounded redundant...shit it's late para me)
no drinking, saturday is training. I lived with you for a while, yet have no clue what your phone number would be. Have a good birthday.
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